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Re-stream means you use my stream by your server and your customers use stream via your server. You are reseller iptv and you have many customers and you want to control everything.


Why you should choose us to buy channels ?

1. Background: IPTV Restream is one of the most trusted IPTV streaming services currently on the market. We have five years in this field and more than 1800 clients. You will be satisfied when choosing my service.

2. Channels list: We have a list of more than 5000 channels. Availability of different channels from multiple countries

  • Channel quality: You will be impressed. Channel quality such as SD,  HD, FHD,.. which are available. There is no skipping, freezing or stuttering even during peak evening times. Channel switching is very quick making channel surfing very easy.
  • Grouping: Our list of more than 5000 channels were sorted by countries.
  • Sport:  You can get the NHL, NFL, NBA, Golf, All Football major leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and plenty of others), tennis… IPTV channels

3. Server: No down. We have powerful servers and load balancers. With more than 20 servers to back up, you don’t need to worry about server down.

4. Support system: We support almost Servers/Panels like Xtream Codes flussonic and others IPTV channels

5. Affordable Price: Our price is 3USD per connection per month when you buy 100 connections from us. (When you buy more we will give you a special discount). You can see the price details for IPTV restream

6. Customer service: We support you 24/7 include the holiday.  If you have a problem, we’ll help you out, no doubt.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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