Price for Channels Restream

10 connections = 50 USD/month

20 connections = 80 USD/month

50 connections = 150 USD/month

100 connections = 300 USD/month

200 connections = 500 USD/month

300 connections = 700 USD/month

400 connections = 900 USD/ month

500 connections = 1000 USD/month

1000 connections = 1500 USD/month

2000 connections = 2800 USD/month

Need to know

Re-stream means you use my stream by your server and your customers use stream via your server. 

The number of users can use your IPTV service depends on your server bandwidth 

For example, your server has 1Gbps guaranteed-bandwidth about 150 users can watch at the same time. 

Read more about iptv restream

For example: 100 connections that mean you can use 100 channel at the same time

You can pay with skrill, paypal, bitcoin, Western Union, bank transfer(usd) or credit card 

If you want to pay with paypal please tell me your email. i will send invoice to your email 

Write note online marketing fee when payment with bank or skrill.

Please contact Skype for support faster: