When we are streamer , it's essential to interact with the viewers via the chat .

But if we have only one screen , Well we are destined to read the chat on a smartphone , on a tablet or via a second pc .

With this tutorial, you are going to learn a little tip for show the chat of your stream directly on your game .

So the little tip that I'm going to share in this tutorial is to use a logicial for read the chat of your stream And we'll use the one which is proposed by Restream.

io Which is a service that allows you to stream on multiple platforms simultany Like Twitch and Youtube at the same time .

Well, there will be a tutorial about that that'll arrive later on my YouTube channel .

If it's already available, it will appear at the top right of your screen .

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Let's go back to how show the chat of his stream directly in game So when you are on Restream.

io website , (Of course the like is in the description below) You 'll have to login your account and click on “chat” to download the Restream Chat So we won't use the Webchat, so the web version .

We'll use the logicial Restream Chat 1.

0 .

You download it , you install it , hop, it is on the desktop .

Already installed, then you'll connect your account Restream.

io and the Restream chat is going to start .

And we are going to access to settings When you are in settings, you'll first of all go in “account” And you'll connect either Youtube or Twitch Or even, if you are multi platform streamer simultany, well you can connect YouTube and Twitch at the same time.

When you have connected your streaming platform, you go in “appearance” and we'll must do something to make the chat looks better and especially for the transparency The most important thing is to tick “windows always on top” .

The fact of tick this is that the chat will be always above your windows, your games etc .

Then the second functionality is to tick “enable transparency” for activate the transparency .

So here you have multiple transparency settings So here you have the windows itself that i'll put at approximately 30% .

Then, if i write for exemple a message , you can have too the transparency for the rectangle that corresponds to the message I'll put it a little bit more clear like I think 45% it should be fine .

You have too the possibility to adjust the size of the message , of the pseudo .

So here I am going to lower the size of the pseudo to make the pseudo a bit more little than the message .

And for that we can read more messages .

You must know too that the Restream Chat has a compact version But, there's no rectangle for the message .

So you have to increase a bit the opacity of the Restream Chat window So when you have adjust as you want the Restream Chat, you'll can shutdown the settings .

Then, you have to launch your favorite game Here, for the tutorial i've choose my favorite game which is Raimbow Six Siege So here, you can see that we don't see the chat .

So the principle is to use what we call the “Windowed Full Screen” .

So the windowed full screen , this is the game which is windowed but in full screen .

It means that you'll can show the chat above your game You'll be able to easily make Windows returns , go on another screen , anyway , You'll be able to do multitasking instantly without have a waiting time to be on game.

But the problem of the windowed full screen is that you risk losing in performance .

If you have a very good pc , no worries .

If you have an average pc for stream and play at the same time, Well , I invite you to do some tests of stream with your game in windowed full screen .

So , once again, it depend of games, There are games that call this the “windowed full screen” the “full screen without borders” or just “without borders” .

So don't worries, you'll find the parameter very easely .

But yes, if you have a average pc, make sure to check if your pc can work with a stream and a game with the game in full screen without borders .

So rightly, we are going to go in the settings .

Then on “options” Then you'll go on “display” , in the display mode i choose “without borders” , I click “apply” .

There's a little black screen for a few seconds for the capture And now you can see that BOOM, I got my chat of my stream that i'll be able to crop like that .

Just on the right side And that's it , I have the chat of my stream which is displayed above the game .

So, a little reminder if you use OBS Studio , So that the viewers don't see the chat of your stream , so on the stream .

Don't forget to use a game capture and not a screen capture to make sure that OBS Studio capture only the game and not your entire screen .

So here, i've use a screen capture for show you the tutorial .

But in stream i would use a game capture so that OBS Studio capture only the game .

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Let me know in the comments what do you thinks about this tip .

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Well , it was Valentin Bream .

See you very soon for new contents, Peace :).