In this video I’m going to show you howto connect multiple different streaming chat rooms in to one easy to use program.

This will include Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox, BeamPro and more.

We’re also going to add this chat into OBSStudio for our viewers to see.

Let’s get right into it.

Arguably the most important part of beinga streamer is interacting with your viewers in some form.

In my latest video I showed how to streamto multiple platforms at the same time – so let’s take time and see how to combine allof our chat rooms into one place, so that we can easily interact with viewers acrossmultiple platforms.

To strart we can head to Restream.

io/chat- the link will be in the description.

We can see a brief preview of how our chatwill look – where it shows the icon for the platform our viewers are chatting on, theirnickname, a timestamp, and the message.

By the way, all of this can be customizedas well.

Let’s go ahead and download and installthis program just like any other.

Before we actually launch this app – I’mgoing to go back to Restream.

io and login to my account.

Once I’m in, I’m going to make sure thechannels I want to connect in chat are added inside of my Restream dashboard.

If you need more help on how to do this, makesure to watch my last video about setting up your account.

Anyways, let’s go ahead and launch the program, and login to our Restream account.

You might not see much, but let me walk youthrough its interface.

First, in the top left we’ll see an iconthat shows how many services we’re connected to, as well as how many people are in allthe rooms.

If we click this area on the top left, itwill show and hide our services – as well as give us a better break down of what allis connected.

You can also clear history in the bottom left.

You’ll notice that some services show “read-only”- this is because the program is not able to send chat messages to these services.

However, the other ones that show Online canhave messages from our Account sent to the chat rooms.

I’ll hide this section and show you moreabout how we can send messages.

First, I’ll just type a message to myselfin my own Twitch and Hitbox chat , to show you that things are connected.

Again, you’ll see the icons that representwhere the message is from.

Already, I think this program is pretty awesome, but there’s much more.

At the bottom, there’s a dropdown and anarea to “Write to chat…”.

This is where we can enter commands to variousplatforms.

If you click the drop down you’ll also beshown different channels that you can specify your message to go to.

This will also filter your chat messages foreach service, in case you want to check out what’s happening on just Twitch, just YouTube, etc.

Leaving it on the all chats option will attemptto broadcast your message to any services that are not marked as read only.

So far, I hope you’ll see how easy it isto communicate with your various users – but it might be confusing to some if you’restreaming in one place and talking to another.

So, let’s go into the settings and I’llshow you in just a second how to add this window into OBS Studio the right way.

First, we can check out the general settings- we can see some options here, but I want to make sure that Force chat autoscroll isenabled.

Next, we have Chat Accounts – this allowsus to double check which accounts are connected – as I mentioned it will sync with our settingsin our Restream dashboard, but if you’re having issues with a chat room, you can alwaystry to reconnect here.

Chat filters allow you to specify any wordsyou’d liked not shown in either the app window or the web UI.

Put the words you want to filter, separatedby a comma, and enable both of these options.

One small quirk about the programs, is thatit is space sensitive.

Meaning after the comma, don’t use a space- or else it might not filter out the words you put.

In the window section we can disable “Alwayson top” if we’d like, as well as Enable Window Background Transparency.

You can play around with the sliders for alook that you prefer.

For fonts, you can only specify sizes andvisibility of each item – so hopefully they add a bit more to this in the near future.

I’d love to add my own custom fonts andcolors here.

Next is notifications, basically we can seta sound that’s played when we have a new message, or a sound that plays when our nicknameis mentioned.

I think it could be a bit annoying for allmessages to have a sound – but I could definitely see some use for the second option here…especially in busier chats.

With all those set up, we’re finally atthe sections that allow us to add this chat system into OBS Studio.

There’s 2 different ways to do this andthey’re very easy! Let’s start with the easiest way – SaveChat To Image.

After you enable the option, we can selectwhere this image saves to.

You can see that this will be in my picturesfolder with the name RestreamChat.

png – this seems fine to me, so I’ll hit save and openup OBS Studio.

In OBS I’ll simply add in an image sourceand browse to where that image is saved.

I’ll select it, and that’s pretty muchit.

If you don’t see anything yet, it’s becausea new image only generates when a chat message is shown, so you might not have an image generatedsince you just installed this app.

Go ahead and type something into one of yourchat rooms and you should see the image appear! Feel free to use OBS Studio filters and croppingto further customize as needed.

I also recommend typing out a lot of linesslowly to see how everything looks and reacts.

Remember, you can change the font size andwindow appearance in the settings as well.

The second way we can add this into OBS Studiois through the Web Server.

If this is enabled you can go to the addresslocalhost – colon – and then the port number you have entered, in this case 8080.

You can change the port number if you needto, but hopefully this doesn’t cause you any issues.

So, if I go to localhost:8080 in my browser, I should see some chat history, since I had this enabled from the start.

If yours wasn’t enabled, you will need totype a few messages for something to show.

Let’s go ahead and copy this url and goto OBS Studio.

I’m going to add a browser source, specifya width and height, and hit Okay to add it in.

I’ll now see my chat logs inside of OBSstudio as a browser source.

If you know CSS, you can even override theCSS in the source properties to further customize the appearance.

This is my preferred method, since I knowCSS – but I still think the Image Source is pretty great.

Okay, let’s go through the last optionsof these settings before we finish up this video – which is to save chat to a file.

Basically, this option allows you to saveyour chat history to text files.

You can simply enable it, select the fileswhere to save, and if you want a general log and daily logs.

Basically, this will save different chat filesfor you that contains everything people say in your different chat rooms.

The Restream account tab only allows us tologout and the About tab shows us the version we’re using.

With that, you should know everything you’dneed to, to properly communicate to your viewers across many different streaming platforms.

I’m a huge fan of this program, and Restreamin general, and I can’t wait to see how it improves in the future.

As I mentioned, according to Restream’sTwitter, there will be a new way to add chat into OBS soon, so keep an eye out for a videothat walks you through the new process.

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