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Good evening.

This is a program “Sobchak live”.

We shoot our program not in the studio, because today our guest is well-known actress Milla Jovovich.

Milla, thank you for the interview.

Thank you.

We know about you not so much.

That you are famous actress and favorite woman of Ivan Urgant.

And that you are sometimes visits Russia.

How many times have you come to Russia? I was born here, in the Ukraine, and was living in Moscow with my mother.

When I first time came back to Russia, I was 18 years old.

And since then, I every year visits Russia.

What do you most love in Russia? For example, going to the bathhouse or to the your favorite restaurant.

Of course I have a couple of favorite restaurants: Pushkin, The Garden, Sixty – restaurant on the sixtieth floor with great views.

I've been working here a lot and traveling around the world, but I always spend time in hotels.

From hotel to the studio and back to the hotel.

I live in such closed world.

Today you have been invited to the presentation of new jewelry collection by Jacob Arabo.

And now you have wearing these jewelry.

So let's talk about diamonds.

Tell us when you first time was given a diamond by man? How it was? Not Swarovski, but a real diamond.

It was my dad.

I like vintage jewelry, collecting old furniture, bijouterie, generally things with history.

And my dad bought me a very beautiful old ring.

Half of the audience thought that now you will tell us a romantic story.

But it's true that the first diamond I was given by my dad.

No, we demand romantic story! Then there is another story, but it was the second diamond.

At the time, my boyfriend was Mario Sorrenti – a wonderful photographer, who remains my friend to this day.

He talked with my mom and found out that we love vintage jewelry.

And he bought me a very beautiful ring set with little pink pearls and diamonds.

And I am silly, when went to the restaurant took off the ring to wash my hands and left it there.

It's horrible, are you cried? Yes, I cried for several days, and all time asked if anyone found my ring in this hotel.

In what hotel did this happened? It was the Costes Hotel in Paris.

The man from the Costes Hotel, who took the ring of Milla Jovovich, remember, she returns from Resident Evil and avenge to you.

Speaking of “Resident Evil”, most Russian audience identify you with this movie.

Even not with Luc Besson and “The Fifth Element”, but with “Resident Evil”, cause this movie has many parts.

But it's good, because every decade people associate me with a new image.

And when I will be forty, everyone will say that I'm shooting, for example, only in comedies.

I like a cat, I have nine lives.

I like a fan of your creative work, ask you, when you will be ninety, don't accept an offer to play the monster in 148 part of the “Resident Evil”.

Ok, I promise you I will not wear tight-fitting latex suit in 90 years old.

I'm afraid, Ivan Urgant now upset.

As for “Resident Evil”.

Tell me as an expert how to struggle with evil, when you're in the minority? First, is to be single-minded person.

My character in “Resident Evil” aimed for maximum annihilation of the evil.

You must to be strong and have an emotional weapon.

But it's all in the movie, in real life monsters don't look like monsters.

And hard to know who is bad and who is good.

Who is in your life the greatest monster? Anyone who makes a bad things with others, for example to hit the child.

Well, the news say that Fidel Castro have stroke.

What do you feel about this? Do you feel sorry that the whole era pass with him, or he is incarnate of the evil? I don't know much about Fidel Castro to judge him.

Whose image do you like more: Fidel Castro or Che Guevara? What a strange questions! I like Che Guevara – he is handsome.

Do you have a T-shirt with his picture? Of course, it's like an icon.

How do you like the Ukraine, Russia? Do you feel, that it's a part of you, your homeland? Are you care about what's going on here? I am confused a little cause I don't watch the news.

I have a lot of work and family affairs.

Rarely read newspapers or news in the internet.

Well, for example, would you like to play a well-known Ukrainian woman – Yulia Tymoshenko? It would be great, she has strong character.

When I was in the Ukraine, she was all the time showed on the TV with a plait around the head.

Imagine that your favorite director invited you to play any female role.

What role will you choose? Meryl Streep, for example, always wanted to play Margaret Thatcher.

I always wanted to play Catherine the Great.

She was a great, strong, intelligent woman.

Did you know that Catherine the Great was famous for stormy personal life.

This is not a black and white story, there's a lot of everything.

Many of your colleagues – Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and other famous actresses and singers travel all over the world, adopt children and engaged in charity work in Africa and Asia.

Can you call your trips to Russia the charitable help to the third world country? When I come here – I come home.

And it's strange for me that you call Russia a third world country.

I feel myself like the Russian woman, everything here is close to me.

When I arrive at the airport and hear Russian spoken around me, I feel like I came home.

And I would like my daughter to feel it too.

On the contrary, Russia helps me, it fills my heart.

How often you visits Africa, Asia? I wasn't in Africa, but I work with a charitable organization, which constructed radio station and built a small school in the Republic of Congo.

But rebels burned the station.

I would like to go with my daughter to Africa.

That would be interesting.

I would like my daughter to visit many countries different from the West, to see a different life.

Describe your ideal day, what would you do? Well I have a very modest and simple wishes.

To stay at home for a while already a miracle.

It's good, when nothing to do, you can sleep longer.

I wake up and my husband brings me tea.

Then my daughter comes, smiles and shows me pictures that she painted in the mornin.

Then I go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for all.

Do you cook yourself? Yes.

Then we go outside or to the pool.

I like to cook a barbecue for friends.

That is, in this day no noisy parties, filming? No.

Only family and no work.

Today you're going to visit the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture of Dasha Zhukova.

Are you familiar with her? What do you think about the project Garage? Yes, I am familiar with Dasha and I think that she has the heart of an artist.

She is looking forward.

Independent, smart, beautiful, intelligent woman.

With such people is always nice to communicate.

And who is more handsome: Urgant or Abramovich? Who is Abramovich? Billionaire Roman Abramovich.

My husband is most handsome! Good answer.

Do you like modern art? Generally yes, but with my tempo of life, I'm rarely visit museums.

Everyone says that in December 2012 will come a doomsday.

Do you believe in it? No, but everything can be.

And if it was known exactly what would be your last wish? To look into my daughter's eyes and say that I love her.

Perfect wish.

But I think everything will be fine and you will have a lot of movies and parties.

Honestly, are you ready to act in the next part of the “Resident Evil”? Not yet.

It's very close project for me and my husband.

Paul is the director and producer, and he wrote script for me.

It's very fun to us to shoot these films.

But we have no one points when to shoot the next part.

We're shooting it, when the inspiration comes.

We are not a factory of film stamping.

It's a real passion for us.

I was amazed how sincere emotions made in you my question and your answer about the end of the world.

But at the same time in all your action films (“The Fifth Element”, “Resident Evil”) you play courageous fighting super-woman.

What do you think, why the films show only that part of you, not the touching and sensuality that you have? It much depended on me.

I didn't want to play the roles of cute girls from melodramas, cause there was too much on-screen.

I wanted to show that women can be strong and she can cope with difficulties.

I think it's interesting for women to see a strong heroine on the screen.

Especially we have already filmed five parts.

This has been never done before, and I'm proud of it.

Certainly more habitually to see on the screen the touching sweet crying girl whom I played in the “Vikrutasy”.

And you had no feeling that you went down to one level, starring in “Vikrutasy”, after all those Hollywood blockbusters? I really wanted to do the movie with my friend Ivan Urgant.

It was properly interesting to me to play with magnificent actors and to play a role in Russian.

I act in film not for money but when it's interesting to me.

If you could award the prize to the best woman of the year, who would it be? Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie.



Is it just an actress doing something important in the world? Well, or Angela Merkel rescues Europe from the crisis.

Yes, this is interesting.

There are a lot of rumors about your friendship with Ivan Urgant.

Did you call him when arrived to Moscow? Didn't call, but we corresponded by email.

We conceived to sing together at the Chanel party.

But he was very busy and we were not able to implement this idea.


“Milla, sorry, but I can't speak with you now.

” I understand he has a lot of affairs and it was difficult to do.

Tell me please, what the most important thing that men don't understand about women? I think men don't realize that when you talk to the woman, you need to listen her.

Because all that necessary to the woman it's to be heard.

Even if a girl talks incessantly about any nonsense, you should at least pretend that you listen and assent.

Thank you very much for the interview.

I would like to give you a book of Kir Bulychev.

Thank you.

I think this book is about you.

I don't know whether you know how to read in Russian.

Don't know, but I will ask my mother and we will read it together.

Go ahead, tear packaging.

Kir Bulychev.

“Guest from the Future”.

You are as a guest from the future for all of us.

Thank you.

It was a program “Sobchak live”.

Today our guest was Milla Jovovich.

I hope you enjoyed it.