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Lev! Edit the channels on Samsung TVand what to do if the TV does not want to acceptlist of channels Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV.

I have it connected via an extension cable.

(so comfortable) Here we are goingedit these channels.

There is the antenna cable.

So, let's begin.

First you need to dump (copy)the channel list from the TV to a USB flash drive to show you how to edit it.

Go to TV settings- stream – – channel settings – – send the list of channels – *enter the password* and choose- Exports – to copied on a flash drive.

Extracted the flash drive from the TV.

Stick a flash drive into the computer.

We need the programSamToolBox(link in description) I have version 0.



Open the flash drive and copy the file to a convenient place.

Open the program.

Open our file.

(now we can edit it) Here's our list of antenna channels.

Here cable.

As you can see here you can change the orderthe names of the channels.

(even cable, the TV is impossible) The hearts refer to the adding a channel to favorites.

So we can remove one channel.

Program menu (tools) Settings.

It is possible to increase the channel number, or subtract it.

But at the same time the room should be free.

For example, we have channel 50 we want to increase the channel 51.

Number 51 should be free.

When the edited channels, you should not forget to keep a list (often) I recorded crashes (closing) program.

If we want to remove one channel from the selection, pressCTRL and click on it.

Now in the video I demonstrate how to remove the channels.

That's all.

Very simple.

Now save the list.

These hearts represent the add to favorite channels.

I took it off, (hearts) becauseI don't need it Save the file.

Do the same with antenna TV Once again, retain, and remove junk.

Then safely remove the flash drive.

We have one file that I put in my preferred folder.

Now rename the file.

Copy the file onto a flash drive, deleting it from the old file, and unnecessary.


Safely extract the USB drive and proceed to the next part.

Serve it from a computer USB port and stick into the TV.

We go almost there.

– stream – – change the channel – send the list of channels – Enter the password.

Import from USB.

Old channel list will be deleted.

Therefore, it is possible to pre-fold the stick, just in case.

TV rebooted and here is our list of channels.

Unfortunately, the program SamToolBox has a drawback, and channels recorded.

Even though we have the computer cleaned all hearts.

(but if the hearts are not removed, then the channels will be in all lists, not just the second, so the point of cleaning the hearts.

) But this fix is not very long.

Go to – stream — edit favorites – And look at what we have got channels in favorites 2.

Since the channels are brought to favorites only No.

2this operation (delete) can be performed very quickly, and delete the channels from there.

You cannot do it… Run application again, in the example of the two files I will show you what to do.

Open the file.

Click on the open button – Open and choose file.

The first file should be obtained from the TV when he doesn't want to take our list of channels and displays an error.

That is, did the auto setup and copied the file to your computer.

Select all channels from our prepared listand move them to another file that we just gave away a TV.

If you can't do this, and instead of channels appear one or two lines blank, then you just need to try again, for example, not with the cursor and using buttons on the keyboard CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Copy and paste the desired channels.

Saved our converted list File .

scm – really archive.

From him we needfiles map-airAandmap-CableD Now transfer the file to the TV as on 11 minutes, video.

That's all.

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Thank you.