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(upbeat music) – [Tiffany] One, two, three, catch! Nice catch.

– (mumbles) throw it at me.

– [Tiffany] Your hands were in your pocket too.

– Yeah.

– [Tiffany] Off to school.

Short day today.

– Yep.

– [Tiffany] Easy peasy.

– Yep.

– [Tiffany] Alright, have a good day.

– 'Kay, bye.

– [Tiffany] Bye.

– How cold is it? – [Tiffany] Cold but it'll warm up.

48 right now.

– Good morning.

Happy Friday.

It's Friday, you made it to Friday.

Actually by the time you'rewatching this it's already the weekend so welcome to the weekend.

I'm just gonna preemptivelytell you welcome to the weekend because it's the weekend.

Yeah, so it's Friday here and no plans today, that I know of.

I mean, Tiffany sometimes makes plans.

But probably no plans.

Last couple Fridays been just chilling, hanging out at home.

I've been pushing back my night stream to much, much later after dinner, aftersome chill time with Tiffany and the kids and yeah, I don't know.

Honestly, kinda thinking aboutmaybe like getting the bikes out and going for a bike ride.

Like a long bike ride.

But we'll see, I don't know.

Maybe, maybe.

Something else I thought about maybe doing is busting out a board game.

We haven't played a board game in a while so, you know, maybe that's an idea.

Kick the idea around to the kidsand Tiffany and the kids and see if they're down with that.

It's Friday which means the kidsdon't have school tomorrow so I know a lot of times they makeplans with their friends to get online, play video games.

Sometimes hop on their scooters and trek throughthe neighborhood.

That's a thing sometimes they do, sometimes.

So I don't know.

We'll see, stay tuned.

But I would like to know in thecomments down below what you did for your Friday night.

What was your Friday night like? Anything fun, exciting? Was it boring?You sleep through it? Let me know.

– [Man] Six hours later.

– Alright, so fast forward a few hours later.

Ended my stream a little early.

Met up with my mom.

Met up with her at Costco'cause she's buying a new TV but doesn't have any room now tostore it so I told her I'd keep it here at the house for her until she moves and has a place for it to stay.

So we did that, did a Costco run.

Got me some more La Croix.

Love this stuff.

It's six bucks for like a case.

Can't beat that, can't beat that.

Amazing weather here, 80 degrees.

Can't complain.

I'm not trying to rub it in either, just giving you an update.

Today on this February 2nd, 2018 it's 80 degrees.

But my mom's here now andshe's just chillin' with us.

Tiff and Sierra are about to goin the kitchen and work on some snacks for volleyball tournament tomorrow.

We have a volleyball tournamentearly in the morning and then Bryce's basketball tournament in the afternoon.

So that's kinda the plans for tomorrow.

I just got off the phone with Twitch.

More specifically Twitch Prime.

They had a quick 15 minute call with me.

Just asked me a couple questions, my opinions, my thoughts on certain things.

Love talking shop withspecifically the company behind the shop, if you will.

And then in about 20 minutes Igotta hop on a call with YouTube and my partner manager from there.

So we're gonna talk about thechannel and hopefully she has some insights that maybe I can do.

Changes to make, kinda what she sees in my analytics.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

We'll see how that goes.

I'm optimistic, I'm excited thatYouTube is doing this and that my partner manager offered this and so we shall see.

If I have any news or anything to share with you guys, I will.

Otherwise, let's move on with our Friday.

As I said, girls in the kitchenand the baking goods have been pulled out.

What're we making, Sierra? – Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.

– [Clintus] Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.

– We're gonna try to make it athing as her bringing muffins at her tournaments.

– [Clintus] So start findingnew recipes and stuff each time? – Yeah.

– [Clintus] Very good, very good.

– [Tiffany] What'd you think? You sampled it.

– Pretty good.

– [Tiffany] Tastes good? – Taste peanut butter andthen little hint of chocolate.

It's good.

– [Tiffany] Yeah, let's hopethey turn out 'cause they look more like cookie dough.

But we did what it said.

Is it gonna be a Pinterest fail or a thumbs up? – Hoping a thumbs up.

– [Tiffany] Hopefully.

– It takes good like this, I hope it tastes good when we actually cook them.

– [Tiffany] Hopefully you're not embarrassed to bring 'em tomorrow.

– We'll make sure they're good before we bring 'em.

– [Tiffany] We'll definitely try one.

– Yeah, definitely.

So here are the muffins aftercooking and they've been cooling for about an hour.

Ish? – [Tiffany] Yeah.

– [Sierra] They kinda looklike cookies, honestly.

But we tested one a little bit and it tastes good.

So I guess they're fine for now.

What're you makin'? – We're gonna make some Mexican pizzas.

Like Taco Bell's hopefully.

– [Clintus] Hopefully.

(laughs) – [Sierra] Your things always turn out.

– [Tiffany] I mean this isn't really like Taco Bell's meat but.



– [Sierra] It kinda looks like it.

You said that about the muffinsbut they seem pretty good.

– We'll see.

– [Sierra] We'll see.

You said that about the muffins too.


– [Clintus] Is that your's? – [Tiffany] I'll eat that one.

Doesn't bother me.

– [Mamaw] Sprinkle that on there? – [Tiffany] On here.

– [Mamaw] Okay.

We're layering.

– [Clintus] Mmmm.

– We're looking at each other's handwriting.

– [Clintus] Who's is the worst? – Bryce.

Wait, out of you two?- [Clintus] Yeah.

I think mine's worst.

– Yeah.

– [Clintus] I've progressively gotten worse.

But I can type with my eyes closed so.



There you go, buddy.

Making your little pizza.

– [Bryce] Mhmmm.

– [Clintus] Some hot sauce or? – [Bryce] Where? What? – [Clintus] You want some hot sauce? – [Bryce] Sure.

– [Clintus] More snacks for the team? You got fruit.

– [Tiffany] Fruit.

Fruit bags.

– [Clintus] Fruit bags.

– [Tiffany] Easy.

– [Clintus] Yep.

Quick grab and then you got the muffins.

– Yep.

– [Clintus] That's your contribution tomorrow.

– And rolls for the sandwiches.

– [Clintus] Rolls for the sandwiches.


– [Mamaw] And the grapes are so sweet.

They're like eatin' candy.

– [Clintus] Those are like you're favorite, aren't they? – Grapes and apples are my two favorite fruits.

– [Clintus] Very nice.

Well guys, mom's gone home for the night.

We've cleaned up the kitchen.

Girls have packed up the last minute stuff for early, early volleyball tournament.

Well, we have to get up early, it's not an early tournament.

Game play starts at eight if they play at eight.

So, yeah, volleyball in the morning.

Excited about it.

I'm sure some of you are wondering the conversations today about with YouTube and the channel.

Lot of good insight, lot of statistics.

My manager did a really deep dive in to the analytics and presented it.

Like the data got pulled andput into graphs and there's some best practices and some stuff.

Some of the slides were missing, I guess, so she's gonna send me thesecond half of the presentation so I'm gonna look at thatbut I guess long story short, she knows exactly what I'm feeling.

She knows exactly the strugglesthat I'm dealing with right now.

The bottom line is I want to be a daily life vlogger.

This genre, this thing thatI've been doing for the last six years I want to continue doing.

Unfortunately, it is a dying genre.

The daily life vlogs are notas popular as they used to be.

They're not being searched andthey're not being watched as much as they used to be.

Channels that have not evolved, and channels that have not changed up their content strategy are dying.

They're losing subs, their viewsare abysmal compared to their sub counts and I'm falling into that genre.

Now, thankfully we're stillgrowing in subscribers which I don't understand.

Can't complain, but with that being said, she said, “You're growing[X] amount of subs per day.

” And I'm like, “Yeah, but views aren't going up.

“How is that possible? “How are people watching the videos, “clicking the sub button, butthe views aren't going up?” It's almost like for everynew subscriber we get we lose a viewer.

Right, it's like this weird, I don't know.

She can't explain it either.

'Cause you know, the numbers are there.

We're growing in subscribers, right? But the views aren't goingup, so it's just very weird.

Very strange.

So we got some ideas, we gotsome things I need to look at.

Part of me just wants to keep truckin'.

Keep doing what I'm doing, keepdoing this because I love it and I enjoy it and this is what I want to do.

But then another part of me, as we've said previously this week, it's a business.

I gotta be smart about my business.

I got to take care of my family.

And so what does that mean? What does that mean for the channel? I don't know yet.

Haven't figured it out yet.

But that was a really good call.

I left feeling content.

Right? It wasn't bad news.

It wasn't a whole lot of good news but like I said, it's a business plan.

She literally gave me a business plan.

I'm gonna wait for theother half of the presentation to come in and then really deep dive into it and try to comeup with some ideas and I don't know.

I don't know.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope this week hasn't been too rough for you guys watching me rant.

I feel like every one of these, the last week I've ranted probably like half the video just talking.

I don't know.

Hopefully you guys aren't tired of that.

But tomorrow, lots of sports.

Stay tuned be back tomorrow for that.

Vlog on.

(upbeat music).