What's up guys, welcome back once againto the Gaming Careers YouTube channel where we aim to teach you everything todo with live-streaming and to do with content creation within the gaming niche.

Are you finding it hard to stand out on Twitch amongst the tens of thousandsof other streamers trying to stand out there? Maybe you think 'is there a betterplatform to be streaming to as a beginner streamer or as a streamertrying to get noticed?' You may know that there's plenty of other platforms thatnow want to promote your live stream but which one to stream to.

Well in today'svideo we're going to be looking at a service called restream which allowsyou to stream to Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, YouTube Gaming, smashcast and over 30other platforms, all at the same time, all without any additional bandwidth orperformance hits on your PC and all completely for free.

Sounds good? Let'sdive in! So before we hop onto the computer and take a look at restream, Ithink it's important to discuss what I think the benefits are of using aservice like restream and the first and most obvious one is that it multipliesthe platforms that you are on so not only have you got a chance of justgetting discovered on Twitch but if you're streaming to other platforms aswell there are people that are using those sites and they may discover youthere.

So you obviously are multiplying your audience because you're on moreplatforms so you're more easy to discover.

Now maybe one or two years ago, Twitch was really the only platform where you could stream with the hopes ofmaking it your career but recently a lot of other companies have been gettinginvolved, obviously you've got Google who owns YouTube, you've got Microsoft whoowns Mixer, you've got Facebook, you've got Twitter, they're all getting into thelivestream scene and they all want to help promote your stream.

So it's worthconsidering platforms other than Twitch nowadays.

Now add on to that that Twitchis probably the hardest platform to get started on just because there's so manystreamers battling to try and get viewers, whereas services like YouTubeGaming have less people streaming to it, so there's more chance for you gettingdiscovered.

Also YouTube just announced that YouTube Gaming and YouTube, theirsubscriptions are going to be combined so people that subscribe to you onYouTube Gaming, your videos are going to appear in theirYouTube feed and vice-versa, so this is good news for people that arestreaming to platforms like YouTube Gaming and that is really why I thinkthat restream is such a great service, because you don't need to know whichplatform is best for you because you can stream to all of them at the same timeand then over time you can start to understand where your audience lives andwhich platform is best for you to stream to.

Now you might be thinking thatrestream, that sounds great but how on earth am I meant to monitor chat fromFacebook, YouTube, Twitch, beem, all of these different platforms that Iwant to stream to all at the same time and thankfully restream has thought of asolution for that as well.

They've built an app that pulls all ofthese streams that you're streaming to, all the chat into one window so we'llcover that later in the video but let's dive into the restream software.

So thefirst thing that you're going to want to do is to head over to restream.

io andsign up for an account, all that you need to do is input a username, email anda password.

I've already created mine so I'm justgoing to log in instead but once you have created an account you maybe haveto click a link in an email just to confirm that that is your email but youshould log in and arrive at the dashboard.

Now the dashboard shows allthe different platforms and the channels that you've connected to restream, sincethis is a brand new account we haven't yet connected any platforms so if weclick on add channel we will open up the options for all the different platformsthat we can stream to with restream.

As you can see here there is a lot ofchoice.

For the purposes of this video I'm going to connect my Twitch, myYouTube and my Mixer accounts.

Each time that you select a platform to connectyou will need to log in to that platform and authorize restream to be able toaccess some of your information.

The process here has been designed to besuper simple which I absolutely love, it makes it so easy for you to add as manyplatforms as you desire.

It's worth noting here that if you want to streamto two different accounts from the same streaming platform, so to separate Twitchaccounts for example then you will need to purchase the doubling package fromrestream.

If you just want to stream to one account from each platform you canstream to all 30 different platforms completely for free.

Each time you add aplatform successfully you should see it show up in your dashboard.

There's anoption to turn each channel on and off so if you want to not stream to one ofyour accounts one day you can quite easily turn it off here before youstart streaming.

You can also click this little cog icon and go into the Editsettings which allows you to choose which Twitch server to stream to andedit your display name.

I'd recommend leaving the server on autodetect as this is no longer the server that is best for your connection betweenyour computer and Twitch, but this is the server that is best for the connectionbetween restream's server and Twitch's server.

Underneath each channel name youalso have a little status which shows if you are offline, connecting or online toeach platform.

Once you've successfully added all the platforms that you want tostream to we can start setting up OBS studio or streamlabs OBS for streamingto restream.

Remember how this works is that we send our stream data from OBS orstreamlabs OBS to a restream server.

Restream then takes this data and sendsit on to our individual streaming platforms.

Over on the right hand side ofyour dashboard we first need to set up which restream server we will besending our stream to.

There's a little drop-down which gives you all thedifferent server locations that restream has.

You should choose the option herewhich is nearest to you geographically.

There's also an option here to run aquick speed test which basically just pings all the servers from your locationand gives you the result in milliseconds.

Now I know that's not the greatest ormost thorough connection test but still it's better than nothing you want tochoose the server with the lowest ping.

Next we are given our stream key.

Nowexactly like Twitch or YouTube or any of the other services, you should keep thiskey completely private as it's the only thing that's required somebody else tostream to all of your accounts.

If for some reason you share it with somebodylike I'm doing in this video, you can of course reset it by clicking this littlerefresh icon here.

Select the whole stream key and copy it then we'll headinto our streaming software.

I'm going to show you both OBS and streamlabs OBSquickly since they're exactly the same.

So we start by going to settings, thenthe stream tab and under service we will select restream.

io, for the serverwe're going to choose the same server that we just selected in the dashboardand then finally we are going to paste in our stream key.

In SLOBS it's theexact same process, go to Settings, stream, select restream.

io, choose the serverand paste the stream key.

One final thing that we need to do if you're using OBSor streamlabs OBS is to fix a little issue which currently existsthat one of the restream engineers has told me about for best results.

So goback into your settings and select the output tab, if your current output modeis set to simple we need to make a quick note of these two settings here, ourbitrate and our encoder.

Now we can change the output mode to advanced as weneed to disable an option in here.

First let's set our encoder and our bitrateback to what we just noted down from the simple tab, next we want to uncheck thisbox 'enforce streaming service encoder settings', we'll then set our keyframeinterval to 2 and change our profile to main.

I know this sounds complex and Ihaven't really explained what these settings do, but it's just really anissue with how OBS and streamlabs OBS are enforcing the restream encodersettings wrongly.

Just to reiterate I'll do it in streamlabs OBS as well.

Go tosettings, to the output tab, change to advanced and check this box, set this to2 and set this to main, and then make sure that our encoder and our bitrateare the same as what they were when we were on the simple output mode.

Now technically we have done everything that we need to do to go live onmultiple platforms using restream but there are a couple of other features Iwant to talk about before we do.

Back on the restream website the titles tab, thisjust allows you to change the title and the game of all your connected streamchannels.

So here I can enter a single title that I want to show as my streamtitle across all my connected platforms and then of course I can go into eachaccount and edit the game that I'm playing if I want to.

The social alertstab this just allows you to post a tweet and a status to your Twitter and yourFacebook pages whenever you go live which is pretty handy.

The monitor tab isa really useful tool that allows you to monitor your streams as they arehappening in real time, and I know if you go to your monitor tab right now sincewe're not streaming, it won't show anything but I'm gonna show you somedata from when I streamed earlier.

Here you can look at your live incomingstream data so you can see exactly what bitrate, what resolution, what frame rateyou're sending to restream as well as things like dropped frames.

The graphs beloware super useful in diagnosing any issues that you're having with yourstreams similarly to how I showed you guys in the Twitch inspector video.

I couldgo into absolutely loads of detail here about how you can analyze these graphsand fix stream issues but I'll probably save that for another more advancedvideo, so if you guys want to see that do just let me know down in the comments.

Aswell as looking at your incoming stream data the data that you are sending fromOBS or streamlabs OBS to restream, you can also click across and look at theoutgoing streams that restream is sending out to the individual platformslive in real time.

Again here we can see useful data like bitrate as well asthings like if restream has ever had to reconnect to the service.

The final tabthat we will look at is the chat tab.

Now as I said earlier this is restream'ssolution for gathering all of your chat windows from all the different platformsthat you're going to be streaming to into one.

This way you can make sure thatyou don't miss any viewers who are chatting to you and you can interactwith them back no matter which streaming platform they are watching on.

Restreamhave also made it incredibly easy to include this multichat window into yourstream with OBS or streamlabs OBS if you want your viewers to be able to seethe chat that's coming from all your different streaming platforms.

Youcan include it quite easily.

There are two different options for the chatapplication, there's a web chat version that runs in your browser or there's anapplication that you can download for PC or for Mac.

Firstly we'll look at the web chat version.

You can see here it shows you apreview of what your chat will look like along with some example messages frommultiple platforms.

Each message will show an icon of the platform, thechatting users username on that platform, as well as their message and the time ofthe message.

On the right here you can change the theme between a few differentoptions, so have a play around see which one you like the look of.

Next you canchange if you want new messages to show at the bottom or at the top of the chatwindow.

You also have a couple of options here to alter the opacity of both themessage background and the chat background as a whole and you can changeexactly how large the text and the chat window is by adjusting the scale here.

Finally you can choose to hide messages after a number of seconds, so this isuseful if you are a newer streamer or maybe you're just a streamer that istrying your hardest to grow and you don't have that much chat interactiongoing on, you don't want people with messages to stay up on your stream formultiple seconds so you can you can set a timer here for how long they shouldshow for before they're hidden.

At the very top you'll also have a long linkthat you can use in OBS or streamlabs OBS as a browser source to have yourchat as a source that you can display on your stream, but we'll be covering thatonce we've downloaded the Windows application.

Now although the web chat isawesome the downloadable application has quite a few more features many of whichwe won't have time to go into in this video but I'd still recommend it ifyou're going to be streaming with restream often.

You should download andinstall the standalone chat application.

Once it has installed it should allowyou to log into your restream account so log in and it should look a little likethis.

Now up in the top left corner it should show the number of platforms thatyour chat is currently connected to as well as the number of users in all ofthe combined channels.

If you click anywhere in the top left here it willshow you all of your chats, their current connection status and how many users arewatching on that channel.

Now before we dive into the settings of this chat applet's just have a look at the chat in action.

So I'm going to open up mybrowser and open up my Twitch, YouTube and my Mixer chats and then typesome example messages to see them appear in therestream chat window.

As you can see all the chats from the platforms I'veconnected are collected into this one window and it's super easy to interactwith your chat from all the different platforms.

If you click on the little cogicon up here, the settings window will open up.

Now I'm not going to go throughall the settings here but you can see that there are some cool features, thingslike connecting your discord, filtering out certain words from your chat as wellas filtering out words based on the platform, you can change the actualwindow appearance and font sizes of the messages, the nickname and the timestamp.

You can set up notifications and text-to-speech, there's an auto replying bot, there's ways to export your chat and your viewercounters, loads of cool features but all of those are probably going to call fora more advanced video at a later date.

But the one that I do want to quicklycover is embedding your restream chat into your stream, now this is exactly thesame as the web chat but all you have to do once you've got the chat appearing asyou want to, you know play around with the appearance with these settings hereon the right.

Once you're happy is you go up to the box here, copy this URL and gointo OBS or streamlabs OBS and add a new browser source to the scene you wantto show you're chat on, then paste in the URL, set the width and height to whateveryou want and click OK.

You now have your multistream chat appearing in thestream for your viewers.

It's really as easy as that, you can go back andchange the appearance, the opacity all those kind of things and they willupdate in your streaming software.

Now if we quickly go back to our browser andtest by typing in these chat windows, you should see them appearing in your streamnow.

That is everything that we need to set up to be able to use restream, we'reready to hit start streaming in our streaming software and then head back tothe restream dashboard.

Now restream does add about a 1-2 second delay to yourstream which is pretty impressive really considering what they are doing with allof that data.

So after a few seconds we should see that our stream previewshould show and then we should also see that our individual platforms go fromoffline to connecting, eventually to online and that's it.

We are now live onmultiple platforms at the same time.

So I just want to quickly give a little wordof warning to those that are lucky enough and worked hard enough to be ableto have signed an affiliate contract with Twitch or apartner contract with Twitch because if you look through your contract theremight be a clause in there about exclusivity.

And it basically, it sayssomething like that you agree to stream to Twitch and thatcontent won't appear anywhere else for something like 24 hours.

So have a lookthrough your contract because if that is the case then unfortunately you probablycan't use a service like restream since technically that content is going liveto multiple different platforms at the same time and not just Twitch, which iswhat is stated in your contract.

So just a little word of warning if you're luckyenough to have one of those contracts be sure to make sure you're not breaking it.

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