Looking to live stream or broadcast yourvideos to multiple platforms at once restream.

io is the program for youit allows you to stream and broadcast all of your videos with just one clicksounds simple and easy it is let me show you how you do it hey it's me it's wild coming at you frommy stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and todayI'm bringing you an awesome program called restream.

io I'm gonna showyou how to use it and review it to let you know the best way to take advantageof this platform it's a really cool program but if this is your first timehere and you want to learn how to grow and improve your stream make sure youhit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you know when myvideos go live for you now if you're not familiar with restream.

io or you'venever heard of it don't worry I'm here to help you out the program allows youto take all your stream keys from all your end streaming platforms and putthem into this program and so when you stream from your broadcasting softwarewhen you go live you will broadcast out to all these multiple platforms at oncewith a single click that is right with just a few simple clicks you can takewhat you would normally do on your live streams or broadcast for your videopremieres and reach more markets you can stream to things like twitch mixerYouTube gaming YouTube itself mob crush heck you can even do Facebook live andthis is just a small portion of markets that you can reach which is adding thesestream keys into this platform and clicking go live you can reach a lotmore people and restream.

io isn't just perfect for the everyday streameraffiliate or partner out there that's streaming on Twitch YouTube and mixer itis perfect for businesses too that are trying to reach more customers there isa lot of uses for this program but let me show you how to use this programefficiently and effectively so that way it is smooth going for when you want tostart your live streams or video premieres let's go now that youunderstand how restream.

io can help you let me show you how to use theprogram the very first thing you need to do is get to their website just go torestream.

io I will put a link in the description below for a referral linkthat'll take you right to it all you need to do is just create account andlog in there services are free to use for their basic services just createyour account that you need to get and we can move on from here once you havecreated an account and logged in to restream.

io youwe'll be greeted by their dashboard panel here and as you can see I alreadyhave channels linked in my account because I used to use restream.

io allthe time for when I would stream out to mixer twitch in YouTube at the same timeto reach more of an audience and this is why I like the program because I havepersonally used it multiple multiple times now yours will be blank when youfirst log in and we're gonna be concerned about adding channels butsince I already have one in here let me eliminate one and show you how to add itif you need to delete any channel just go up to the gear wheel and go down todelete channel it'll ask you if you want to confirm and I do and there it is goneso now that mixer is gone let's add mixer back in we're gonna go up to thetop right corner and click add Channel and right here at the very top you canadd a mixer but as you can see there are a multitude of different programs thatyou can add that you can stream out to everything from mixer to twitch toYouTube gaming YouTube itself heck you can even do Facebook Live and mobcrushthese are all great programs that you can reach all of the end users there butfor this tutorial I'm gonna show you how we're gonna add mixer all you need to dojust go ahead and click right on it it's gonna ask you to connect some mixer oryou can set up manually if you have the ability to connect with using just thebasic one I highly recommend it it's a lot easier now a mixer is gonna ask usif it's okay for a restream to access it and of course we want that so we can usethe program so we're gonna click approve and in just a few clicks there we havealready added mixer to our channel list here now you may notice sometimes itwill take a little bit for these to sync up it usually takes about 3 to 10seconds so give it a little bit of time but as you can see we easily havealready added our channel that we want to stream out to now let's just say ifyou only wanted to stream to two of the three that are listed here you caneasily toggle these on and you can easily toggle them off now that's one ofthe best things because maybe you only want to do certain platforms or certaintimes so it's very easy to click on and off which platforms you want to go toonce you have and all the channels you want tobroadcast out to the next thing we did do is make sure that restream isoptimized to be best used for where we're located at I'm on the west coasthere so for me I want to select San Jose California because that's the closestone to me but let's just say you don't know what's gonna be the best one foryou well restream got your back right there just go ahead and click on speedtest and it's gonna tell you what has the quickest for you now you'll noticethe top left corner here has auto detect which is a great step to do if you'renot sure but I don't recommend it I actually recommend finding which one'sbest for you I live in California myself so you're gonna start to see it has thelowest MS is here which is best for you and as you can see San Jose is thelowest and as I get further away from where I'm located at you can see thesenumbers start to skyrocket so make sure you click the one that's best for youand if you're still not sure from there you can always click the test button butselect which one's gonna be best for you so that way you have the best servicenow that we've added all of our channels that we want to broadcast out to and thefact that we have optimized restream.

io to be the quickest for what wewant to do when we stream we need to add restream.

io into our broadcastingsoftware and for that I highly recommend coming down to this streaming setuplight bulb link that you can click on now there are a lot of differentbroadcasting software's out there but the two most common for you are probablygoing to be OBS and xsplit for this tutorial here I'm gonna select OBS butdepending on what you use feel free to click on any of these the nice partabout restream.

io is they made it very simple they give you a nicewalkthrough tutorial and a lot of these have a guide here that you can watch tosee how it is all done so you can keep up with everything that it makes it niceand simple you just need to take your OBS and open up the settings and go toyour stream and go to the stream type and set up what services you're gonna dofrom here you're gonna select restream da I oh and select what server you wantto go to again you want to select the one closest to you and then you want todrop in the restream Stream key into the platform there and you will be good togo to start your streaming needs and there you go it'ssimple when you're ready to start streaming all you gotta do is clickstart streaming on your broadcasting software and restream will fetch all ofthese stream keys and channels that you've linked into restreams account andstart broadcasting out to them it's a really cool program restream is a prettycool program but I highly recommend having another program you're probablythinking well how do I engage with all of these people that are chatting to mefrom all these different platforms restream.

io is got you covered theretoo they invented a chat program that fetches all these chat messages into onecentral hub window for you to engage with so you can respond back to theircomments really cool program I'll put a link in the description below of whereyou can find that on their platform but I will also do a video on this so thatway you can become educated because it takes a little bit of work to get it setup properly when I do the video I'll put it in the YouTube card up there and I'llput a link in description below for that but you're gonna want this program ifyou plan on streaming to all these multiple platforms at once now there area few bro tips that I want to pass on to you the community restream.

iosometimes we'll go down for maintenance or service or perhaps there's errors sowhat I highly recommend is make sure whatever streaming platform you careabout most have your stream key ready so that way you can broadcast untilrestream.

io is back up and running and if they do have any issues anotheradditional road tip is you should follow them on Twitter I will put a link in thedescription below so that way you know when they're gonna do maintenance iftheir system is down and things like that and most importantly when it's backup so you when you can start using their service again always keep in contactwith their community so that way you can plan your streams and broadcastsaccordingly an additional Pro note that I've noticed don't be alarmed if youdon't see your broadcast populate quickly on all these multiple platformsI've noticed for my own personal experience when I would use the platformit sometimes takes a little bit of time depending on how many platforms you'rebroadcasting out to for it to sync and work it seems like it takes you knowsomewhere between five and ten seconds per additional platform that you'restreaming out to so what I highly recommend is have a start up screen andgive it enough ample time for it to reach out to all these broadcastsplatforms before you really go live and start yourbroadcasts so that's an additional tip is get a be ready or stream startingsoon screen now just a quick warning if you're a twitch affiliate or a twitchpartner or you've signed any contract on any streaming platform please payattention to the TOS the Terms of Service you need to know if you areallowed to stream to multiple platforms at once it's up to you to see what yousign for your contract because you do not want to break the Terms of Servicebecause you could lose your ability to earn revenue whatever streaming platformyou're on but if you're allowed to string to multiple platforms at oncerestream.

io is gonna be a godsend for you very easy to use and if you thinkyou want to get the program I want to above and beyond and reached out totheir marketing team and asked if they could pass the savings on to you andthey answered the call if you enter in wild for games you can save yourself anadditional thirty five percent on any of their products that you get that's rightthirty five percent if you enter in wild for games I'll put a link in thedescription below so you can save some extra coinage there thank you all thecool people at restream.

io for passing on the savings to the community membershere you guys are awesome I'm sure all of you out there are gonna love thisprogram before I was affiliated I used restream.

io all the time and it'sgotten better with each iteration that they've redesigned the program it'sgotten faster cleaner and better I highly recommend it it's great if you'rea business out there cuz it's all about reaching the masses and more eyeballs soyou might want to consider signing up for their pro services that they havewhich I will put a link in the description below and you can also usethe coupon code on that if you guys like this video and you want to see morevideos like this or you have a program that you want me to review or educateyou on make sure you leave a comment below because each comment does help mychannel grow and if you want to keep up with me and all of my workings mystreams and all of my artwork you can follow me on my social media on Twitterand Instagram and if you want to go above and beyond and help me in thischannel now you can be a true bro or a BAE and help support me on my patreonthank you to all those that have helped support me already once again my name isWild thank you guys so much for watching this video I willbe back real soon for my next stream support video coming up really soontake care all and peace.