[Music] [Music] [Music] Bakugan yank Winkle see I'm giggling cause see aha muffled I can't quit goes see I'm go sing twinkle see ya [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] with so many churches having to close their doors as the result of this virus we at the park

want to invite you to come and worship with us we worship online every single week and you can join us no matter where you are you can find us at the park 10:10 Park Avenue Christian calm and if you have friends or relatives who are not on the

Internet they can also call into the service at this number you join us you are most welcome with us and let us worship God in spirit and in truth [Music] this is the time in our worship that we call inspire last week we talked about how we had

an inspired dialogue every third Monday of the month and you're invited to join that for next month but I wanted to tell you a little bit of what happened in our gathering I posed the question where are you finding strength and for so many of our people the

answer was Jesus which is what we need to hear in this time and so as this inspired time runs alongside of our Lenten practices and one of my Lenten practices is learning a new sign language where today I thought I would teach you how to say Jesus because

as we are distant from each other I know that we're all seeing each other on computers or iPhones and everything right now it can be a little bit hard to understand that God is always with us right we learned that last week God is with you and so

I wanted for you to be able to say Jesus in this time as well because sometimes saying Jesus out loud is perfect but sometimes we don't have the words to even speak and so we need to use our bodies so how to say Jesus in sign language you're

gonna take your dominant hand and for me that's my right hand and you're gonna take your middle finger and you're gonna touch your palm of your other hand and then do the same thing on the other side Jesus so as we remember last week we learned how to

say God is with you now we can say Jesus is with you friends Jesus is with you Jesus is always with you may this time of distance and apart no may we all know that Jesus is always with us here now and forevermore amen our scripture today comes

from the book of Exodus chapter 2 verse 1 through 10 friends let us listen for God to speak there was a man from the house of Levi who had married a Levite woman and she conceived in gave birth to a boy and she saw that the baby was

good so she hid it for three months when she could hide the baby no longer she took up a Pyrus basket dabbed it with bitumen and pitch and put the child in it and placed the basket amongst the reeds by the banks of the Nile the baby's sister

watched from a distance to learn what would happen Pharaoh's daughter came down to the Nile to bathe while her attendants walked along the river she noticed the basket amongst the reeds and sent her attendants to fetch it opening it she saw the baby and how it wept she

was moved to pity and said this must be one of the Hebrews children then his sister said to Pharaoh's daughter do you want me to go and find a nurse for you among the Hebrews to suckle the child for you yes go she answered so the sister went

off and brought the baby's own mother Pharaoh's daughter said to her take this child with you and suckle it for me and I myself will pay you the woman who took the child and nursed it after the child was weaned she brought it to Pharaoh's daughter who adopted

it as her own she called him Moses he who pulls out for she said I pulled him out of the water here ends our reading the word of God for God's people thanks be to God [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] John 3:16 2:17 for God so loved the world that God gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in him would not perish but have eternal life indeed God did not send the Son into the world

to condemn the world but in order that the world might be saved through him in order that the world might be saved through him will you please pray with me God you love your world you love us help us to feel that love in this time help us

to feel and to know your love through the proclamation of your Holy Word and may the words of my mouth and the meditations of all of our hearts be acceptable to you O God our rock and our Redeemer amen for God so loved the world I have held

this passage in my head and heart for years cherishing its belovedness God so loved the world today this world our world is not the same world I knew just days ago and I'm trying to remember when it changed what was the moment when did I first open my

eyes to this new world or are we even in the new world yet friends I'm gonna break some news to you and then I'm going to preach some good news to you too so I'm just gonna let you know let me just say that we're gonna start off

somewhere really hard and then we're gonna go somewhere better I just want to prepare you for that so here it goes we are in the midst of nothing short of an apocalypse what do I mean by that first of all it's not the first apocalypse and it probably

won't be the last though of course I'm no Oracle of the future but an apocalypse is a cataclysmic ending to something and something is ending it's the end of the world as we know it as the song goes tonight we go on lockdown in New York City things

just got very very real we're working to flatten the curve that never should have been in the first place and last week which feels like years ago doesn't it I mean how many years do you feel like you just lived in the past week I think that's part

of what it means to live in an apocalypse for as much as is changing every single day new things are coming to an end and I guess that's just how this works anyway last week I preached about how I believe this country to be in various stages of

grief and here I'm using the kubler-ross schema of denial anger bargaining depression and then finally acceptance and some of us are cycling through these phases and in my sermon last week I suggested that we should linger as long as we possibly can in anger and you should watch

it and see how I developed at that point if you haven't seen it but I think we need to be angry long enough to do something about this madness there are avoidable deadly problems that if the people rise can and will be addressed but here this the word

apocalypse comes from the Greek and etymologically if you break the word apart the Greek word Appa means unn and colopsis means cover so work with me here these endings these apocalypses actually uncover something and there's a lot we need to uncover leadership failures from the impeached leader who

has no idea what's happening or what to do about it the shroud that protected his supporters from acknowledging truth is about to come off there is a reckoning pending this uncovering and the uncovering will expose just how ill-prepared our society our economy our for-profit health care system tied

to employment that is about to end for so many if it hasn't already a rugged American individualism our moral bankruptcy all of this has failed us miserably and will continue to fail us until it ends while politicians in Washington are stuck trying to restore the old ways at

some point they're going to have to understand that it can never happen again we can't go back nor should we in the richest nation in the world there is no reason for hunger for hospital bills period there is really no reason for any medical bill there's no reason

for homelessness there's no reason for billionaires there's no reason anyone needs to be poor there's absolutely no reason anyone needs to be holed up in death camps at our borders and detention centers and there's no justification for what we are doing at Rikers holding people who haven't even

been convicted of crimes in tight unsanitary conditions so that they can be deployed eventually the survivors can be deployed eventually as free meaning slave labor to tend to the dead in this pandemic that is the city's clear plan for Rikers inmates there is no reason for any of

this and as we watch our government respond to this so much of it will be uncovered as the reckoning comes our corrupt rulers day has come they have had their reward and now the reckoning has come let me be very clear about what I mean here I am

NOT claiming that God is going to take a single life I do not believe that God kills and our text from John proves it some of my lost colleagues engaged in the deathly spiritual malpractice of claiming that coronavirus will pass over them because the blood of Jesus would

somehow protect them from this illness which is just absurd some of these colleagues turn to this passage from the Gospel of John to justify their specious and irresponsible claims this passage in case you didn't know is one of the most oft quoted in scriptures well in part because

what people tend to do is they quote the first part John 3:16 they write the citation on posters and hold it up at sports gatherings that we can't have anymore for God so loved the world that God gave God's only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in him

shall not perish but have eternal life and then they stop there and when you stop there picking just one verse out of a very rich discourse on salvation and the Holy Spirit read the whole chapter friends when you stop at that point it makes it sound like Jesus

is turning away from the people who don't believe in him leave in him and you get eternal life this thinking says and woe betide those who don't that thinking says but you should never do this reading of John 3:16 without reading the next line which is inconvenient to

their perspective because they tend to tie this condemnation of others which is inconvenient to their perspective because they tend to tie this condemnation of others who do not think as they do on behalf of God but the next line says indeed God didn't send the Son into the

world to condemn the world but so that they might be saved through him Jesus himself said he didn't come to condemn the world he came because God loved it God loved the world's people Jesus came out of love and he showed us how to love he gave us

a path of love he condemned evil out of love he turned the tables from the money changers out of love he spoke against hypocrisy out of love he set up free clinics healing people out of love everywhere he went out of love and out of this profound ministry

everything in the world changed and nothing would be the same Jesus and his movement was and is a cataclysmic apocalypse we know the path to our salvation to our nation salvation because Jesus showed us the way with a love that changed everything through a form of love that

could move mountains now the mountains have to move there is no more room for thinking some can make it at the expense of the world because God loves that world so much not just the some and now is the time to end the pain that we are in

a position to heal I know you're scared I am too I happened I happen to have a good life in the old world I've never had to sacrifice in the way that I will be called on to do in the days to come you see it's my job

to anoint the sick to walk with the dying to bury the dead those are my sacred orders and I take them seriously and like me you've never had to sacrifice in the way that you will be called to do so as well but as you start to discern

what shape that sacrifice is going to take in your life remember the revolution that Jesus started before the religion was taken over by the state the Jesus followers were best known for this radical thing they did they took care of the poor they fed the hungry the book

of Acts says that they shared all things in common they sold what they had and distributed the proceeds to all as any had need day by day they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts praising God and having the goodwill of all

the people and day by day the Lord added to them their number those who were being saved do you hear me they saved the people by serving them that's the revolution that Jesus started and that's the revolution that will bring us through Korona gedan that's the revolution that

you and I are responsible for I'm in [Music] hi friends Reverend Stephanie here I want to thank you for joining us this morning for online worship and I want to invite you into a moment of commitment and we have two really easy ways to do that the first

is to find us on venmo at Park Avenue Christian Church and the second is for recurring gifts and you could go to Park Avenue Christian comm slash gifts we're so grateful for your incredible generosity and continued commitment to the park hola buenos dias de mucho esta mañana que

bueno que esta aqui con nosotros a con nosotros para la vara Dios in comunidad al iglesia de park queremos in Vitale's a co friend and a capo dontre sus donas al al thar y tenemos tree maneras hacer la primera vez de venmo la segunda haciendo directamente a la

pagina the Park Avenue Christian kham kaen esta página de Internet pueden tambien a ser un donut evoke a CRE corrente at Ramez de su batalla de crédito impor supuesto a la mejor manera que también poder venir aquí l eglise a congregatio no so tragic oh no sobre ACK

gracias anticipate a DI owna multiplicand bendición es y para Marconi listen holy and loving God we give you thanks and praise for this time together a time to grow and a time to grieve a time to connect amidst the loneliness and a time to reconnect with you Lord

take the gifts that were offered and multiply them for your good use for even apart from each other we know that nothing can separate us from your love at work in our lives Lord this month of strength has come at a time when we need you most we

know that we are strong alone but with you we can move mountains and Lord we know that right now moving mountains looks a lot like empty church buildings streets filled with nothing but the wind of our prayers and new ways of building communities Oh Lord Oh Dios may

we move mountains with you in this time apart from others may you hold us close and guide our steps so that when we feel stuck or alone we know how to keep moving forward Oh God of abundance bring to those who are working on the front lines the

doctors nurses pharmacists and scientists health care staff those that are on the phone with customer service navigating anxiety those in hospital services hospitality services social workers and in-home care givers civil servants and grocery store workers the first responders and those who find themselves without work and income in

this coming time Lord bring them the resources and the peace necessary to continue to move forward may your love be felt and your grace be present in all that we do oh god of forgiveness dios del perdón your people are hurting and systems are broken beyond repair forgive

us for when we move in spaces of anxiety and self-preservation rather than a commitment to the whole bring truth to those that are still operating in spaces of doubt and may their actions not impact the well-being of your kingdom Lord remind us that these moments of isolation are

actually community building and sustaining so that we can survive and thrive as your people may we remember the cleansing and community building act of baptism with each time we wash our hands may we remember the table of eternal abundance when we feel the need to shop for more

than we currently need and Lord forgive us when we feel alone and fail to recognize you in ourselves for you are with us always and we are yours forever Lord we have lifted up so many groups of people but we want to draw you near to some individuals

that need the tsukai family the Sturm family Ken Saxon family Beth secret Brad Ralph Connie all the seniors grieving the loss of proms and graduations and other rites of passage Anna and Amy Rachel those feeling lost without families churches or communities all those who are ill and their

caretakers and everyone who is fearful anxious and lost in this time of rampant new disease Lord we also offer up to you those named online and in our hearts in this moment of silence [Music] a holy god of care and love be with your people oh do you

also great vision a great vision err for your people hear our prayers draw us near share your vision and guide our steps so that we may move back into a time of wholeness and oneness with you our Creator Redeemer and sustainer for ever for what a gift it

is to be your people and to get to love you in return beloved in Christ Luke the Evangelist wrote of our risen Savior but as he encountered his disciples on the road to Emmaus they at first did not recognize him it was only in the breaking of the

bread that their eyes were opened and today we call on such an epiphany asking God to be where we are and to bless this sacrifice of Thanksgiving so that we can come together with all the people of God across this earth and to join in the great celestial

banquet that is laid out for you and for me here and wherever you are God is with you in this communion moment and so we recall that on the night in which he was betrayed and deserted our Lord Jesus nuestra senora a sous took bread pan blessed it

and broke it and gave it to the disciples saying take and eat this is my body broken for you do this for the remembrance of me agonized Oh in memoriam yeah well you need Moneta missus annuity sous took the cup and after giving thanks he poured it for

them and said this is the cup of the New Covenant in my blood poured out for you and for all people for the forgiveness of sins do this as often as you drink of it in the memory of me ministering to you now in the name of Jesus

we offer this bread in this cup will you please pray with envy add to is beauty to santo send down your holy spirit Oh Lord and bless this bread and bless this cup no matter where it is make it for us the living life of Christ the food

we need for the journey the infusion of your incredible spirit that will never never leave us [Music] now I invite us all to take our bread [Music] and take our cup maybe share with our families and as we do we are taking in Jesus himself the living life

of Christ will you please pray with me a prayer of thanksgiving we thank you O God for you are with us no matter what you are with us you have met us at this table and given us all of Christ's gifts strengthen our faith increase our love for

one another and help us to show forth your praise in our lives through Jesus Christ our Lord amen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you so much for joining us for worship in just a minute I'm going to offer one final blessing from this service but I

also just want to say that after we finish our benediction we typically move into offering each other the sign of God's peace and this is something that we can do online as well what a beautiful gesture it is to offer peace to someone on the other side of

the country or perhaps even the other side of the world or maybe right there in your town so I encourage you as we get to the peace after the benediction I hope that you will offer a sign of God's peace if you're with us on zoom and can

see each other then we encourage you to offer peace in the way that we've been doing here at the park which is that we do the ASL sign for applause and how wonderful to applaud one another as a sign of God's peace affirming the beauty and the inherent

beauty in each of us so thank you for being here and please receive this blessing may the peace of our Lord Jesus which surpasses all human understanding fill your hearts and minds with the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and let the church say

Amen La Paz peace be with you amen thank you so much for joining us for worship today it matters that you decided to show up and I hope that you've met the Holy Spirit and your worship experience please do stay in touch let us know how you're doing

let us know how to pray for you you can