welcome you back to Toronto our opening night comfort continues file 53 degree evening thousands watching on the big screen at Jurassic Park and inside [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everybody I'm Marv Albert along with five five a star crisp weather Kristen Ledlow join us just a couple of its work from the sidelines so 60 Raptors without the sensational one adult Kawhi Leonard so what are your expectations for these two teams well my expectations at any time you have Kyle Lowry as your captain is you're going to play hard and you're gonna defend and protect the home court and I expect the Raptors to come out and play that way how about Pascal siakam I want to see his growth and improvement as well against Toronto with the third best home record last year and if you're on the pelicans man you should look at this like this is the land of opportunity coach Gentry this style of play is fast fast fast and you will have an opportunity to establish your identity just play hard and play selfless but regardless this young team should be excited take a look at these starting fives presented by AT&T the pelicans with JJ Redick with the Zion out of action relative the starting lineup so Alvin Gentry going with a three guard set Redick ball and holiday parameters up front of Pascal siakam og at Adobe Marc Gasol and at the guards present leap and Kyle Lowry officiating crew Tony Brown and Courtney her Twitter's in Secaucus in the replay Center to our Raptors 32 advise till at home last year second vets in the East behind being for walking pucks they went 58 and 24 second at the East with the second-best record heat Orlando at 5-1 at 7 over Philly on that dirt hole shot by Kawhi Leonard and Pete the Walker at 6 and what the NBA final defeating Golden State six let's check in with Krista Marv as you know on opening nights the NBA champions are given their rings and their opponent is given the option to leave for to stay now you may have noticed that tonight the Pelican state coach Alvin Gentry told me I've been involved in a ring night madam there's anything like it in the league I hope it serves as inspiration I also want them to see that these guys are bonded for life David Griffin also told me I want them to want those it's a cool thing to be as young as you are to be present for ring night what Toronto did to get their ring was victory several years of refusing to bow down guys hard Thank You Kristin yes alvin wanted his club the young players to get a taste of what it's like to receive a championship ring helicanus control ball puts it up at stip tall won't count it is called no they say it does count the basket counts Hebert says wait a minute you sure enough come on now give me those two points and as you see here the battle inside and how about that basalt knocked that in but favors should get the credit he was the closest to the mantle tip the ball so what is current papers with the pocket to get things going van fleet second gets it into the corner [Applause] and back come the Pelican last season's 33 and 59 same revenues battleships and Memphis off the steel Van Vleet to Lowry pulling up for the three his crowd ready to explode so Paul with that a groove touch during pre-season favors [Applause] just put these foul hit bike favors when you look at both these teams one thing you're gonna see similar they they both like to get out and run and if you look at the pelicans you may be surprised at this but points per game last year they were number three coach Gentry loves to get his team out and run and that's what they will if you try to sneak Toronto get some easy baskets Toronto one of the best defensive teams especially at home when Chris pick nerves telling us earlier that means the major concern of his team the fact that the pelicans are one of the fastest teams in the league needle mark one of the things that concerns me and again you know we're in the game of speculations there is Lowry this is a second free throw is that now with the addition to one of my favorite players in the league badly I do not like him necessarily being the starter because it makes this team have such a small backcourt will be interesting to see how they figure it out during the season as it goes along it's all for the little to the toughest and leave ice touched by Ingram rather they grow they do form Loker his weight of the pelicans and that deals and any day this kickball is called [Music] we've seen this young man improve seems like each year and I like the fact that he took massage in the ball a bond that played one dribble jump shot he has handles these wiry that can get to the coat badly got it by Redick [Applause] Oceana roti seasons back showing us let me show you shouldn't talk how about that mark what I love about it is that he caught and shot the ball right away no hesitation one of the tough things about working on your shot and then implementing it in a game is can you shoot it with no hesitation no doubt in that time pulled up during the three holiday the free Lowery Peck sit down see active at the lead Jennifer Gasol and it'll be New Orleans ball Redick looking for a shot ball get this download ice ball both hit Ingram yes it's a 3/4 knock it down it's cornered we've not used to seeing that a game guys are trying to show us how they improved in the offseason I suppose even tear the pissed I'm an Adobe is way off favored set the pick here's Ingram affiliate rebound Lowen [Applause] the past too deep save by holiday that comes Redick looking for the shot and gets from downtown talk about a quick hold right there Redick knows that his jumper is wet anytime it goes in shoots with confidence by not answered by a New Orleans timeout Toronto [Music] love you man big time Big Town big time Raptors enjoying the championship the sailboat is just a moment ago Norman Powell and planted Inc repairing the Mike's tonight State Farm audio assist both turnovers now to Toronto their last five trips final road by the Orleans Fire virtue of three pointers by three different players here's Redick hitting once again that's cool that's where he made his name last year using his height this size that time ridic Reddick did not get away trying to draw a foul but how about this ciacco using his limp that Y reframed to get it easy with the cup instead a travel called on run a good play by that leave soon yeah come at three ball pops it down Ingram let by siakam off the spin gives it back up Holliday whoa faithless puts it home I like this young team the potential did you see the trust rule Holliday had in yong-hwa he moved the ball back to ball saying shoot the three but the most dangerous part of balls game is his penetration if you're a big fella had your hands ready he's gonna get the ball to you let's hope all played so well before he went down with the injury last season with the Lakers who can see the confidence that we shall drop this is a nice comeback [Applause] we one of the heroes but the championship run a year ago able to pop down a free there's ball four three no hesitation rims out rebound seventy-nine lead for the pelicans the trust of these rafters not offensive Lowry penetrated something fun to watch Ingram with a catch up here see active rebounds first quarter being played at a very fast pace back to the pelicans and the Raptors cloud of magic Seattle is pushed and a foul is call that was on ball that leach showed us his heart last year not only in college how tough he was on both ends taking bumps taking hits going through droughts what I loved is that his confidence never wavered he continued to play with effort consistent effort at home and on the road he's game one of his biggest fans a news serge ibaka checking in for the Raptors remark who saw Serge very emotional during the championship chatter and the rents of only ice remember when Ibaka told his team after being two down in Milwaukee no one believed but him saying listen we can do this great finish by favors inside the Bacchus should be emotional because he gave his heart and soul to his team last year they came to him awarded city good start here by Derrick Favors first season with New Orleans coming over from Utah that's what he can do travel is called fall back to the rafters the pelicans right now I was getting ready could shoot a dribble handoff getting him an easy busca so he doesn't have to force his way in stop the person watching the earth it's a tip to run here by grottoes mentos flooring back after that I know screwed by the politics favors he's off and bleep went to the cross against humble bed siakam on a step battle for the rebound and a loose ball foul is called it was against New Orleans Seattle was quite favorite and that's what I'm interested to see in Seattle he just signed a new contract extension and with players you don't worry about the effort they've been dreaming about this game their whole life but what you do wonder is can they take that next step in that next step for Sayaka is to continue playing with his energy level [Music] the console guys to get fallen guys he has to make sure that he speaks with this actions in not just his words VanFleet doesn't he do that all the time boredom going in amongst the Giants Fred plant late hit a sport NBA season out of the wichita state bringing gelato with it a point as well [Applause] Howl's come on for the lapis for the first time at a foul on Paul the FDA of GMT is murky by Geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car occurrence and by that telluride from Kia official or navona partner of the NBA's correction how the last file it's holiday on Paul Pott holiday to stop us five remaining in the first [Music] skel siakam coming off a breakout season Most Improved Player Award he averaged better than 17 a game she was a first-round pick 27th overall out of New Mexico State four years ago log on really quick Pete has evolved into a terrific all-around player looks like a future all-star NBA tickets.

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com where tickets are always authentic and always about Ramar fees first nights we usually see a lot of turnovers ugly play super teams haven't been together and this is one of the better post corners and starts it seems like both teams getting shots that they like I know it's just one quarter flirt hug the pelicans doesn't they don't look like the team that has so many new players attention to 14th to run here by the Raptors they lead for the first time last touched by fouled of Toronto substitutions [Music] [Applause] firstly to timeout calls 4:16 left in the first jet retelling us early he was going to try to cut down on the rotation well enough set five new players out of the court Jahlil Okafor each marble Josh from part the rookie Nikhil Alexander Worple head of a compressor preseason at Frank Jackson this is Alexander Walker has been hitting a shot he must have the super green he has the curry green line any time you come in and coach cause of playing new cool step back three from the top of the key I can't wait to see him just get a wide open Lee on the turnover the ball back [Music] okhla for [Music] Alexander Walker out the hole to the running one-hander kept alive [Applause] Williams is off [Applause] just like an takubo of course not as good as answer the Koopa the reigning MVP but just as you have to go in the fast break or when he's attacking the basket you must build a wall his height athletic ability and his speed gets into the cup back to the most and if you don't have help defend his back there he's gonna get to the line foul committed by Josh apart Pelican soon as we have of discussing without Zion Williams and the out six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery we're premiering that to talk right meniscus those who have missed season openers due to injury include fella by the name of Chris Webber those who have missed who have been number one overall graphics the last thirty years some pretty good names on that list yeah a little more fortunate than say of the late Griffin it had to sit out the whole your even though I don't know if he Minds that too much and still got that Rookie of the Year trophy jumped over a few cars on his way this adult chopped to take his [Applause] two games and luckily for me it was an appendectomy and not [Applause] we gets the role and he will go to the line Alexander Walker picks up the foul for the pelicans I told coach nurse before the game I said you have a small backcourt don't you think teams are gonna exploit it they are so small he said yeah Chris but you know they play humongous and that's the type of player just shows me talk to them now I'm assuming these are the accurate heights that have been measured my lead source has been leading is listed at 6-foot and Lowry at 6 1 ok if I would have had to guess I would say vans lead it's probably 510 but Alexander Walker's yes ok Walker I'm a fan already rookie rookie that comes it it takes a shot 2 seconds into the game and then fires another one knocks a three now you have my attention I don't Virginia Tech first round pick 17 overall the salt try to pitch it back [Applause] well hot come defense I mean look at how heart stays vertical he earned that when he got popped in the mouth for it but he doesn't care as he got the charge look at this he goes straight up no no no no you can't get upset Baptist fans you can't get upset on that one because he got hit in the face they got a coach's challenge right here okay here we go each team permitted to a challenge once again you must have a timeout remaining to make the challenge when we come back we'll see the result of their challenge basketball is a very human game everybody comes together to create an atmosphere that makes this the greatest game in the world we're all part of the same team and when the game was at its best it teaches us respect which is pretty fundamental please be sure to respect the players officials and your fellow fans remember this is our game we're in this together by 1901 major Taylor was considered the greatest athlete in the world but he was still searching for something else we never stop never settle [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome back to Toronto we're going to have our first coaches challenge look how Powell attacks now the rule is defensively you must stay vertical do not reach over your man it looks like Hart has done that he looks like he's also a little worse for the wear [Applause] great looks at that and the call stands it is an offensive foul on Powell so the play does stand let's put on Joe boy sure they give us his explanation hi Marv how you don't do it so this was the first challenge we've ever had in an NBA regular-season game and as you could see pal did lead with an unnatural elbow to the face therefore that that was confirmed to be a foul so the call stands there was no clear and conclusive evidence to overturn senior VP of officiating Joe Bourget drove thanks polka for with the chip 26:25 pelicans by one as we approach two minutes to go in this opening quarter his Maori on the drive he took a shot [Applause] Walker thyroids just the tip mark is still out at heart try to chase it down it's kicked out about last touch final Wallace one thing you want to see from the other teams that have a burden of expectations and I believe with Zion and these young guys that they do have expectations that may be unfair maybe not they computed to us but you always want to judge their energy and effort level and tonight so far doing a great job for colorful maka head position but the saw how am I going to take a chance [Applause] [Music] the foul committed Maori Fawzi should have got credit for getting the shot off Okafor committed a foul big nurse wishes he had his challenge back because if you look at that plate again and again everything is fast motion we have the luxury to see that in slow motion but it looks like he went up right away as soon as it was contact Lowry but again no challenge so two shots there was a hesitation before the shot was mistaken you can watch serge ibaka grill his celebrity friends on his pillory web series how hungry are you new episodes exclusively on Bleacher Report have you seen what they've been eating more I have seen clips I would I'd love to hang out with him going to show and watch it but I would not be taking part yeah that's that's a nice way to put it coming up on a better to go first quarter four makes his move he's found by Gasol for the Toronto Raptors missed the start of their 25th season and they open up as the champs coming off the six-game victory over the gold state warriors in the finals last season looking for the shot Williams before second plus it went off and a final snow heart was hit from behind walk off and just not think about anything he knows that it looked like it's twisted his ankle just about how he landed let's see here if that's right yep you can always tell when a player does that and number-one rule and you do that keep moving do not sit still and let it get stiff parts tough you'll get through it foul committed by a nobodies Josh Hart acquired from the lay cruising that package deal for Anthony Davis three-year man out of Villanova first-round pick of Utah 30th overall and then transplant traded to the Lakers [Applause] some are jumping too quickly yes it's a lane violation on the Raptors it is on Gasol and if your aquifer good job that is your assist when a big man does that he anticipates he's going to be met with force and has to get in there early to block out just your willingness to go after the rebound Mesa Kassar jump in there a little bit early you get another shot for your team Josh Hart 65% free throw to the last season when you consider that David Griffin was not exactly holding all the card into the executive vice president for the pelicans a long time Vienna Cavaliers what Anthony Davis demanded a Trekkie yes of the Lakers he did an awesome job I mean of course you get lucky with the number one bitch anybody's number one kinky lefty but what about the pieces he put around Zion and these young players Payne Lee Alexander Walker they are trying to let it fly and again I look at this as the island of misfit toys that you have a second chance maybe people didn't seem to want you before you're only 23 if you are all prefer and you've been talked about is not being in the league anymore maybe not and if you're all you've been questioned because you've been hurting and I look at this as an opportunity to have fun excitement it's an establish your own identity you know this team has a lot of great young players and all you have to do is play hard a three part attack piscis all [Applause] fifteen seconds to go in the quarters each one more [Music] Alexander Wolcott pretty fast for okra for Donna mama hop a couple seconds remaining and the quarter so what what a complete opening night in the NBA publicans up by three Haley pass please leave us back check out his favorite players show-stopping almost live on at the a late pass for no cost at all this publicans Albert gently coach emotions run high on a ring night but you wanted your team to be out here to see it what the was the key to setting those emotions aside and to establishing the pace early on well first of all I thought it was great to see the ceremony you know that's what we aspire to be also secondly when the game started I told them we just gotta play I thought we started the game great the pace of the game was really good we took a couple of tough shots in that but we have to keep the pace of the game what where it is right now you did though establish an early double-digit lead as the Raptors eliminated that deficit what was the difference in your team's energy for execution oh we got to do a better job execution but I thought we started a game with a lot of energy we got good spacing and we got to continue to have the face thank you guys all right Kristin eleven to run by the pelicans the last three and a half minutes of that first quarter drive the tipless by Gasol tap tap Powell's fires go through and Williams with the rebound for New Orleans there's a rafters right now you must keep the pelicans off the glass and as you see right there they got a good stop but that's their ninth offensive rebound and they have 11 total Alexander Walker's how attempted seven shots what four seven he is fluff to la Paix here's our example again on the drive the board here in Toronto played for Team Canada under each team back in 2016 while we asked the Turner High School how he's using his body inside not suddenly for the jump shot using the strength around the post gotta love that it's one more backing it up [Applause] [Music] and it is a tall fences all 30 friends and family here 40 kill Alexander Walker Toronto native attended port secondary school located in Bolton Toronto before playing couple of seasons at Virginia Tech you know what let it fly young man let it fly your family's here this is a dream come true congratulations let's get your feet set knock down a couple enjoy the ride not shy here we toss the foul bottles called on Nicole old mare who just checked it he's a 28 year old rookie board and Italy was playing overseas and Germany's Turkey remember of championship teams in Germany and Turkey play very well a preseason although Alvin Gentry said he'd like to see him shoot more frequently coach said he told him listen I need you to shoot he said coach I shot at four times he says shoot at four more times and then I'll be happy miss talking good yeah yeah he heard the conversation coach that you need to be me right traveling violation Mulligan's by one early second quarter Marv Albert Chris Webber Kristen Ledlow from Scotiabank arena in Toronto [Applause] [Music] that's it Lulu Lowry this is Mel for three yes tomorrow he's gonna get that shot all night pelicans trying to get in that shot earlier because cut Stahl is on him is it's all his own of him can't move maybe as well as the small guys so he can get that open look the soul with a series of teams rebounded by heart so the pelicans back to the offense it's not a dutchman team yet but if they are they would go to the same play with a pickup bowl the move could sawed off the ball reach-in is called on young team sometimes have trouble with understanding what just worked sometimes young teams go away from what this work that the veteran is no wait a minute let's exploit this mismatch until these team make some adjustments it downloads all because of the pick-and-roll play you took us all in a pick-and-roll with a guy that can shoot like now what happens you get penetration great passes open look from the corner they'll defend God Gasol now they switched the sole as doubles got it down low OD Roby with the rebound every gentle fight Miller Alexander Wofford high speed family please break down the link of the scoop it counts in the foul [Applause] strong move by Fred Radley who went through a series of injuries last season and came back strong he's about to head to the line Saxons call Wow the Raptors three from ten from the free from the three-point line so if you're the pelicans you must understand the Raptors want to go to stop and push it even force the refs in a tough position that call and get a foul slow the pace down until they can speed it up in control the pace I told Josh Hart just went back to the locker room and just heard a moment ago this is expelling the food three once again because the plays work that the plays work penetration into the middle because the big fella that used to coming down to help you get a wide-open shot try to get it inside [Music] [Applause] [Music] as for movement by the pelicans and Jackson second year Patrick Duke with the pocket bleep a foul is called is that fleet again just children so impressed with the pelicans maybe this first of all on the knockdown shot that's when you attack but but you want to see the ball movement you want to know what happens on the ball movement that's 13 assists for the pelicans on 16 field goals may now that no those are Golden State type numbers if you want to talk about teamwork very impressed again I must say with the young team being that efficient foul was called on Jackson come back Fred van food off to the good start remember he began the playoffs struggling with that three-point shot at one point of these conference finals he was seated 19 who said from three and then Assad's retirement was born at 4 tutors dad caught fire at that point from three-point range somewhere young friend his mom is saying wait and I did all the work didn't either credit [Applause] complete also coming back hardship jute had a severe cut others his right eye [Music] that's last touch by lot soul ball just check back here tell you what he's young he's exciting says you can hate on him all you want but he gets dance that's so [Applause] [Music] [Applause] he's got to shake his hand on now that was a rainbow let's see now ball gets back into the pick-and-roll with me and Holliday even though it Bach is in and he can move closer and get up there in traffic they control Howell they played on a switch by a pocket five on the shot clock a sauce the Barden could've kept alive during pasta gets to her [Applause] Bowery on the strip that's a foul ibaka party is gonna get the call but it was an offensive foul I believe this is the toughest call to make as a referee it can be so subjective and tonight just great job yes CJ jumpy was bitten that paint but he stayed vertical and you cannot hit the defender with that offhand but that off elbow and twice tonight the refs been right on it with a good call the wall moves up by 8 the bench has done a 25 zeros the pelicans against the Raptors bench the salvage actually has done a lot of shuffling in this first half [Music] [Music] [Applause] wait short by eight put stuff like wall [Applause] this is when Brandon Ingram can grow and develop we saw him last year with the Lakers playing a game in which he didn't score and had 11 assists and I saw his development and growth happened there if he lets the game come to him he will be so explosive and exciting as he has the lip the athletic ability in the heart to finish inside just let the game come to you and I think that's when we'll see him grow by leaps and bounds foul committed by Seattle so two shots here for Ingram the NBA on TNT is brought to you by Burger King get for cheesy tots for just a buck for a limited time only at Burger King and by the Killians ideas official automotive partner of the NBA pelicans up by 12 just under 6 to go in this first clip see I can understand nicely see actively Nana's 10 points lost control but he proved a foul pelicans 5 and OH in pre-season for what that is worth as a souvenir of our call the best players that I've played with and watched over my career have been the best decoys as well understanding when to set yourself up understanding window set others up if you like Redick understand you have a green light your job is catch and shoot every time Davis is just check they're looking for all this Paul Sutter rates reflected what goes on [Applause] that's why you want to attack let your big man's come behind you and clean it up don't worry about the percentage attacks the basket took the reps in a tough position and give your bigs a chance to clean up [Applause] if the pelicans you must build the wall being in the sea Aachen has a size advantage you can go right into the post first light up where that controls the foul half of this patch [Applause] their natural positions that we've seen coach Nick nurse encourage his guys attack attack attack and if they don't what difference does it make if they get a steal or a stop on the other end but they just come down and get a tough shot and a half court office tomorrow Ian SPF double-header it's the Celtics at the six-year start at 7:30 Eastern Time followed by the Denver Nuggets Portland Trailblazers starting at 10:00 o'clock Eastern Time Marv you've seen a lot of basketball and then we get to talk about a long time I must ask him put you on the spot I've never been this excited for a basketball season wish I haven't played and I'm sure you have context is this one of the most exciting all seniors and then maybe expected seasons that you've seen how I agree because of all the player moves of star yeah good dealt or situs as free agents which laced into summer boxes brother touchdown him out of three just too bad about Zion Williams yeah yes it fills for him I tell you what I just won the first mount pick first pick as a fan I feel bad you know but the one thing I hope is that he keeps his head while he's out because you hear so many people talking and things that aren't true and things that maybe have truths and can you eat properly can you work out it's hard to work out when you have an injury so how do you stay engaged in lose weight how does he keep his jump shot going how do you keep the chemistry with your team so he's gonna have a tough adjustment to get back but I'm sure that he's looking forward to it and he'll handle it just fine so I can't wait to whenever he makes his appearance because we need some Zion in his leagues don't be excited it's true because one your recovery it's tough to stay on a diet or yeah whatever is being prescribed yeah and you're not burning as many calories you still want to eat you still want to workout you're young I mean she's only 19 when I was 19 I 20 in terms of the league I would eat pizzas before the game hamburgers like a so they didn't matter and still run the same way you were young that you'd be your ally so hopefully even that he'll be okay but definitely going to be a tough adjustment with him missing some time for morons I hope still to Kristin Marva you'd speak to David Griffin before this game he told me there were multiple valuations before making that decision to operate on Zions but he did speak to him earlier today and he said he's doing well he said that Sian is only upset that he's not here with his team that he was so looking forward to this coach Gentry said the same thing before the games that the entire team facetimed him at brunch and he's too sad and have missed the trip [Applause] you see a bucket there I think the narrative one sign has been a little unfair about him being injured because I really don't believe that he was injured during the preseason I think that maybe the pelicans said wait a minute why would we put him in this situation to get hurt and maybe gave a little bit time 2019 is presented by Autotrader with 337 remaining first half three point lead for the pelicans they've led by as many as 11 balanced going to New Orleans Raptors went by the leap to 15 Seattle with 12 showed me a lot on that play I anticipated a broken play because coach Jimmy call to play out of Bounce and what happens with most young teams they'll come out not know what coach said it messed up the play look at this come off the pick-and-roll now you have favors going down the Baka can't help so when you go into the pump fake you know that you have siakam one-on-one on an island Ingram again means this is Linton is wiry strange the strengthen is why I'm afraid to get the end one 10 points for Brandon Ingram and a six point lead for the lead off the pics the hops we see action and it will be Toronto boy the job by the veteran JJ reddick saying to Zell ball listen I think this play is gonna come again and when it does we must come together and communicate switch not just think we're going since we have to communicate it finish the play [Music] Terrence Davis with that shot way off davus the looking from this star wide receiver in high school a an excellent athlete and we'll see much Blanche time off the bench scoop [Applause] Dave Astana – he's back up [Applause] ask about this [Applause] for point New Orleans we know Papa has her so the lead is two as we approach 2 minutes remaining in this first half holiday with a look away faster [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you're the pelicans you have to realize listen settle down we've gotten to good plays by our big fellow going on the point guard we must keep the ball oh what a pass from blossom oh my goodness and the double pump finish inside and if you haven't had a chance to watch an NBA game in person drew a holiday his size it is unassuming he doesn't look as small in person I'll tell you what he does not care about going in amongst the trees inside the paint sixth number five for Alonzo deflected out last touch my the Pelican is that passion we're talking about mom and that's what I'm saying I don't care what anyone says he's one of the most exciting passers that I've that's in the game today and if everything else keeps approving along with this passage there's gonna be some special display [Music] I've been around this league a long time 25 years and an average entry has always been a trusted coach whether it was an assistant or a head coach the keys get as easy on guys confidence and Marv you right he see it in the play of all tonight so Watson will head to the line found on the act body Davis one of the areas he has struggled it along with the outside shot which seemingly has improved the other area is at the foul line last season and the pelicans have their shooting coach Fred Vincent working with Lonzo and it has paid dividends let's see if it does right here two shots Marv no hesitations and I tell you what having been a poor free-throw shooter and then a pretty good one later there's no feeling like that it's like you almost have control of the game like you've never had before because you can play with the freedom but you've never had hesitations by Lowry but did not work this pregnancy fourth turnover committed by Kyle Lowry coming up it's the American Express time reporting live from Los Angeles with Charles Lakers players take it personally I'm Brandon Taylor just just because we're in the NBA if I'm Brandon Eagle I'm looking at shiok I'm like no no no I'm taking you every time because I know you won one but we're the same size we play the same game and guess what I'm Nexen obviously siakam is felt doubt aware about other players over his time here because he's just continue to improve but you need that personal battle in my opinion to be one of the greats you have to want your team to win but you also want to win the individual battles and right now siakam in England going out so siakam to the line you know some coaches head coaches to cheating countries but there are guys who have really done a terrific job obviously thread Vincent has chip Engelland yeah with the San Antonio Spurs as Tony Parker on the test tube there's a white Leonard there's some great was there buzz Braman he was mine right there a lot of coaches up playing for it it didn't want guys to lift weight so it wanted you to eat a a whole hog before a game because they heard that's what worked back in the day so those that are stuck in a time warp those are the ones you may not want to be advised by you want the ones that always pushing the envelope in whoever JJ Redick with Redick retires when a shooting coach he's going to be that's his third three of the night and a foul is called it's it is a kickball on the phone and here's a Vincent working before the game with Alonzo ball tell you what it starts with having someone to believe on you in practicing the same way I played with a guy Kevin Martin jump shot came from his hip it's not about where your shot comes from or where it goes it's about the consistency of where it stays each time and they're trying to find some consistency with the placement of all jump shot high school policy successful weathers want to deep sameen let mrs.

Cartwright Vinnie Johnson it's fun it's like a golf swing their own individual Gossling and the only thing that's pretty is this nice one is it effective we're not eight-second violation Lowery walked it up and another turnover the pile our you rarely see that call he was thinking of killing the clock with only 16 seconds remaining in the half but killing a picture yeah and I think with Van Vleet game until he didn't realize what it was and now look at the difference or look at the substitution pattern that Coach HP put in the game he moved Derrick Favors out brought a shooter in so that he could put the saw back in the pick-and-roll and what his coach Nick nurse do say I see what she's doing let me get the big fella out this game so we can play you guys straight up and switch everything yes the rookie Nicole Nellie who was hitting the three-pointer early on is back on the floor Millikan's will hold for a final shot Holliday with 10 seconds to go play bike Davis five seconds left of the half-holiday ask the trouble here comes Rollins Justin said it fair that is the end of the first half pelicans lead at 61 56 we'll take a break in that it's on to LA for the emerge Express halftime report [Music] after as we get set for the second half how about this start line Chris 22 field goals 18 assists for the pelicans in the first half you said to go to state warriors I mean and I say that of course in jest but what I mean by that we all know about the ball movement of teams like to go to state warriors and systems like what coach Kerr has that's why I'm so impressed with the fact that they are moving the ball and playing selfish yes his game won but it still happened in early well Alvin Gentry was an assistant leave assistant for Steve Kerr several years back Marv I spoke to coach Nick nurse at halftime and I asked him what he talked to his team about in the locker room he said it's not about our execution but our energy he said that he started the game with very low energy statistically he said we have to give the pelicans fewer rebounds fewer second-chance points though the Raptors are winning in both of those categories so I asked him is the energy perhaps lacking after the ring ceremony he said it could be but a nap time I told those guys to decide right now whether or not they wanted to win hard buckets five and bleep and then holiday we talked about that earlier on the pregame show the possibility of team being a little hyped up and could that affect them on opening night as it has affected other teams in in recent years foul is called on a retic that is his reminded of a scene last year in the playoffs with Kawhi sitting to the tunnel and guys on the Toronto Raptors playing around trying to give him five and he doesn't even look at the guy in points at the court the reason why I brought that up Kawhi played 60 games and siakam played 80 and Kawhi still took the most shots still had the highest field goal percentage for three-pointers and it was the culture that he brought from San Antonio and I know this is Game one have we've seen teams with great cultures lose game this game is not over yet but the question for the arguer for the Raptors is who's gonna feel the void of leadership not necessarily scoring leadership we're koala well as Charles mentioned the Ingram is able to knock down yet another shot Ingram has 14 points Charles talking about it at halftime and I I agree these these teams have very solid play yes I mean even without Zion New Orleans done a good job in terms of filling the roster as a compared to a year ago but neither has a major star and you have to have at least one in these days it seems to you were so right in charles's right and until you get that major star you know what you need to have a major sense of urgency to heaven that's what these teams need to start off with knowing that you don't have that player you can rely on him for me Toronto it all starts with care mentality that was Kauai like last year there's Lowery open yes the subject of Kyle Lowery he officially has three turnovers of collection from the official score that eight-second violation if you will with us where he did get it across the midcourt line of time was a turnover and another who's called out up without attempt holiday now with six points so three turnovers him he'll be happy with that as he looks at the statue two minutes gone by here in the third Marv Albert Chris Webber Kristen Ledlow siakam shoots was three we bought it by hand room fires it down but those were throws of the ball back to the Raptors the Toronto Raptors third last year in fast-break points and it was predicated on their defense and getting out so when you hear Kristen Ledlow talk about coach Nick nurse being disappointed about the energy that is something that is different and then what they've had yes these are special circumstances bring night at the same time she must play to your identity and regardless of who's the star on the raptors their identity has always been effort and defense is a tripping foul if it is Ingram it is that's his fur you'd like to see the saw get the ball in the post and played point guard we've seen Mark Jackson do it we had to change the rule for Charles Barkley and Mark Jackson posting in the paint so long playing point out of that and Gasol is definitely capable doing that insult is such a great passer willing passer and how about Zola willing shooter knock it down at three point eight points five assists Alonzo ball to the three from downtown what blasted hits the three glass I called it for you big fellas he shakes his hand in all counts one-point lead to New Orleans step-back by Paul this one is real here's the torch from the crowd see Yakima the beautiful spin Ottawa who was looking for help that was going behind them talk about cold I grew up in with the kids I kind of they're growing up like how I grew up to give them a chance to say look anything's possible you know I'm not that tall I'm not the fastest I'm not the quickest but I'm able to bring this trophy back and you know have you guys touch it and feel it and that was my biggest sounds like yeah I wanna take pity would have to touch it fill it like you know be able to like you know appreciate it a little bit more and Chris you know following the championship season head coach Nick nurse had a bucket list tour of his own to celebrate the title what did he do well he played the guitar on stage with the art kills they are a Canadian rock band and then he sang take me out to the ball game at Wrigley Field watching his favorite team the Chicago Cubs and people celebrated everywhere he said he also coached Team Canada at FIBA World Cup said that actually he found that more relaxing than continuing to rot allowed and accepted congratulations doodle where that of foul [Applause] talk about a place that gets loud and you're gonna learn this is a young team in the pelicans you do not give any momentum to the home team they live off the energy of this crowd and that usually plays like that get their defense goals three point lead for Toronto pelicans have led by as many as 11 they've led post up away picked off by Lowry the activist top comes back to Lowry active on the spin stop by Paul and it's a kickball lot so Paul is claiming that siakam kickflip no it's the other one you know you try yeah yeah and truthfully I've never seen it work one time with a straight face shot clock to six see I come out of post office [Applause] so all postings are Lowery who pokes it away pelicans in possession again Lowery undersized that what does he do pokes the ball away he wants to make sure that he doesn't get in the position that he can't handle because of his size that's the toughness coach nurse was talking about I don't know fighters went up why are we pushing it off the hesitation sent back to the other way Redick Neely picked it off bad bleep with the high school the song the food [Applause] Ingram yes it's a free for anger who has shot the ball well stop watching players and see how they return the next year I don't care about all the talk but what media says I've been there I know you get better in the summertime and I tell you what see aqua has embraced his role too and Brandon he's trying to have a body count because he's saying listen I've been working at whoever gets in front of me can get the business 17 points now for Ingram who was fouled by Lowry second artist Lowry played at him last season with the Lakers averaged 18 points five rebounds and they're really improved his game when LeBron was injured because he had more playing time or space to operate that's an offensive foul Derrick Favors Papa tried to charge the defense's contagious out of nobody he knows that if he does not get to that spot that Lowry and Van Vleet will come over and say listen we're smaller than you and we take charges more charges than that a game sacrifice for the team he already knows he's buzzing throttle thanks to the starting lineup while we've been asleep on the back cortisol is up [Music] Oh sillies of fakes it counts before I remember it needs to come to the league everyone will say oh my god coming around is so skinny he should gain weight even she gained 30 pounds in the hole they should embrace the body that they haven't been given better with their skillset and then they're hard to check the lip of Ingram he's the size of what Apollo for it used to be now plain somewhat a hybrid point guard at times man doing such a good job letting the game come to him foul committed by at Adobe rather they were lifted at 6:00 I'd want my key I think that's pretty fair maybe not the 190 maybe they did something but Noah's tell you what he makes the defenders understand his Heisman every time he catches the ball in the space see hakam's worry about it full bellies back on the floor and a three-point barrage going in the first half Redick is off without see a key part has returned for two wallets grant lease goes his heart not to step at school and that's what Toronto we do it until they get their feel they trying to speed it up lost them fall back to the Raptors Norman Powell Serge Ibaka getting set check back in here they come so the public comes with five turnovers here already in the third quarter that's the worry that's why I've been praising them so much so much so earlier because you look 21 assists on 28 shots but you know that with the younger teams for that bad play it's the only constant so if you're the pelicans make sure you communicate on defense come together for switches and then more importantly on offense recognize the hot hand got to give Redick some good shots he's been trying to chase his own shots that's when you need veterans to say hold on let's slow it down and get our guy a good look pelicans sure they got 44% for the right Raptors at 43 halfway through the third quarter Toby [Applause] report Toronto lead upon or by comma floors goes cross-court to Holliday fouled by Seattle to Novi does not play the same position that's how it should work but I tell you what their bodies are so similar that if I'm watching this game and I'm out there in Washington I'm looking and saying this is how I could spin use my big broad shoulders to ward off shot blockers and still get an easy shot inside a great job attacking the basket at all be listed at six eight a very long should say backs it up on Ibaka they clear it out and cover the shot [Applause] [Music] [Applause] ibaka calling for it down low he has a smaller increments a great job by Ingram fighting to get in the front front of the post a pocke with space and rebounded by more there's Park all the way and scores but the pace this is what coach ministry does if you don't know teams even assistants on the players that he has he has a great context of how to get easy buckets but the young team and kind of be a decoy so you can't see that the team can't play hashed or overly often what Coach pinch-me does if you don't know teams he's been assistants all the players that he has he has a great context of how to get easy buckets with the young team and kind of be a decoy so you can't see that the team can't play half-court Oh [Applause] part of the foul so the pelicans with their fourth foul we are four minutes 11 seconds left in this third quarter opening night in the NBA coming up in the second of our doubleheader it's the Lakers and the Clippers from Staples in LA and that is a clipper don't leave me after the game I'm trying to get to the hotel to watch it's right away I have to see this game la versus Natalie gonna be excited there's William check back here for the wall Kevin Harlan Reggie Miller now they will force the telecast right here on TNT off the pass the entry pass to Ibaka foul is called as he threw the double Alexander Walker who adjustments checked in get rid of the flowers I'll tell you what it's gonna be awesome this year in LA the best part about the season is everyone making their predictions and everyone being wrong because something is going to just unfold but I tell you what it's going to be fun watching that pick and roll with LeBron and ad the length of them is going to be so much fun watching the consistency of the I want to call it arrogance the brashness the defense of the Clippers coming through every night with can't wait to get home and watch Game two and that's gonna be that way for every game this season on TNT and it's only opening height only open tonight I'm excited it was like championship the Western Conference almost every month Oh we'll have excellent games and is here a fan of a home team you should love it because it's going to be competitive competitive competitive now that is a over impact [Applause] call by Josh Tippin so the ball goes to New Orleans now let's see if this second unit can play together as you sit yeah that it was not tip going back and I want to see how these guys adjust whether his heart Alexander to see if they could calm down and get settled into some type of religion it's a three-second violation so the ball goes back to the Raptors Terrence Davis is back in for Toronto looking from Ole Miss Syfy Toronto as a as a free agent ibaka up top bad bleep deepest by the pelicans denying this for other shot clock how old 4:3 kept alive by Ibaka try to take up to the room study succeeds that flame is called since I got the rebound I don't care how many people are around me I'm going to get to shooting he's job dead time for Bob pass Alexander Walker throwing into a crowd here comes then complete an Adobe Capri [Applause] and a foul is called as he got entangled with Hinrich Williams officials talk it over Wilson from Alvin Gentry on this foul by interest and Williams against Serge Ibaka and the call was challenged by Alvin Gentry let's bring that Joe bush with a senior VP of wrestling operations Joe what were your thoughts yeah Marvin say you have a loose ball foul called on Williams there so the crew chief came over looked at the video and what you see is Williams is grabbing Ibaka shorts ok so that's where the loose ball foul came in and then they also look to see if Ibaka committed any unsportsmanlike after act afterwards which he did not so this is an unsuccessful challenge and New Orleans is charged with the timeout all right Thank You Josh tomorrow I have a question I was looking at my social media at half time people were asking me is it do you think maybe quick and that's why we see the judgments of the coach is going for the caulk because they can't see the instant replay now I would say from the bench area at times it's very difficult because it depends on when they play the replay in South Jess is more tell you what he's gonna want to see that replay a lot shooting knocking it down over balk at the top of the key I have a feeling at this stage of the season the coaches are just kind of auditioning fingering the whole challenge concept I think for the most part unless there is a third foul say in the first half called against an important player which might be challenged but watching it unfold isn't it watching the coaches kind of get a feel for it it was just used in summer league the d-league and I don't G League and those quote the coaches want to use it as much have to go in this third [Music] [Applause] I come back bleep please Kenneth dosha he's way downtown it got about a six nine belly goes right out of splits through nobody goes shot clock is out of five new pakka [Applause] Alexander Walker on the drive Williams keeps it alive le for prettiest he has been on fire four for four from downtown his new name is melly-mel I don't know why I just like the sound of that and I'm gonna give him that name after the rhyming great book man now let's come inside he's just stretched the floor knock it down it's 20 year old rookie who's played strictly internationally side of the free agent well slap the side off the miss two seconds remaining on the shot blocker was last touched by the father pelicans see Van Vliet take his share of hard falls in his League all and you just hope that his right ankle is okay he steps on a cameraman [Applause] you know he's limping and – kyle lowery off the bench [Applause] leaders favors that ankle and you hate is a player to be hurt by anything that wasn't true contact especially incidental contact out of bounds 11 points in this third quarter 11 it was 26 he's the high point man of the game [Applause] his second differential shot blocking Dean front Alexander Walker working off the pick picks to the ribs and sit out [Applause] kept alive his hoppers it up and a foul is called with two point one remaining in this third quarter [Applause] [Applause] smart play by heart do not know if it is a foul or not what his job is to make you assume it in his one right there with the shot clock running out twisted his body whose ables of maybe sneak one in here get in Alana Josh Hart out three four three at the line see that start line with six rebounds [Applause] two seconds left in the third here's Lowry from the backcourt that's the end of the third quarter two-point lead for the Raptors now earlier tonight TNT celebrated the start of the season taking ability of the young pelicans ball getting into the lane five assists holiday five assists why is this so important to a fan like myself well because it's awesome anytime you can see a young team our Feb 23 assists on thirty-one makes to me that says team has great chemistry great coaching and even though they're gonna make mistakes are playing the right way and the major question for Toronto is the physical status of sled their leaders have a hot hand high point man with 26 bucks each to up interest ankle just moments ago in late third quarter and if you're Toronto you're gonna have to find a way to manufacture points in the paint as fred was doing attacking the guards pelicans in possessions fourth quarter on the way how do they the spires Lowry comes across see ya backs his way and he'll go to the line that's that power forward point guard facilitating spot the pelicans were so as it said look no one's gonna come down wide because he has three point shooters all across the board and this is what she wanted the he's a 25 attacking the user energy to get that nice second jump how about the stat line to see a can 28 cheap rebounds five assists tomorrow what's so impressive about what you just said is I did not even think that he was playing that type of game and coach Nick nurses he misses his first free-throw siakam said today I said coach what do you want to see from siakam with the new contract and he said is he still gonna let the game come to him and yes he's seen he's not been selfish not had a bunch eternal has tonight been efficient that's letting the game come to that's a very happy time for Pascal inside that the four-year 130 billion dollar maximum extension that's us the exchange rate versus it gets inside and draws the foul just so you're aware it's one u.


dollar people today but see Atkins certainly a breakout player last season voted the league's most improved player averaging just under 17 points 7 rebounds and 3 assists I tell you what his work ethic was incredible watching him works before the games you love seeing players being rewarded congratulations and then now I would tell them where am I going to see you improve what play are you going to become because you've already put into work now continue it whether were financial matters involved we like to go to Kristin so let's check in Marva I did sit down with Kyle Lowry yesterday and when I mentioned Pascal and he called him his rich beloved he said my money's old money you've got that new money he's exactly what Messiah dreamed of when he drafted him but I went on to say the hard work the continuous growth the evolution of his game he went from the skinny kid running up and down the floor Kyle's words not mine – G League champion G League MVP the benchmark the most improved player and a max player now he was discovered by the Masai at the NBA's basketball Without Borders program bathroom actually in his boot boot a player who first spotted he was able to hit Jews along with with threes massage [Music] rousing ovation during the championship ring ceremony when he came out of the court together was it because he won a championship or he didn't go to Washington to take yes that's a possibility definitely show their appreciation I even saw interview atomically let's one go from the top of the key Dover Ibaka but I saw interview with Kawhi Leonard saying that as he goes around the country or goes around the world he has fans from Canada saying hey we love you thank you for what you did for us good luck next season and tell you what those are some special fans because I would be mad like man we're never gonna win again without 701 for the pelicans [Applause] two-point lead for New Orleans were early fourth quarter hearts grabbed by Seattle puts the speed on his block balls knocked out of bounds last touched by Gotham pelicans I would say the pelicans get the ball upcourt from my court to front court as fast this is any team of the NBA yes this has been coach entry style they did this with a D last year will be played when he didn't play and I asked coach why I said listen it's the only way to simplify the games we can get easier buckets when the deepest isn't looking part upset he feels it Ibaka was moving on that screen and our were told Kristen Ledlow just checking out Fred vanvleet status with the ankle injury he is being we taped he's back in the Raptor locker room in that little band there is a friend of mine and you just want to keep it moving using that system worked at an equal ups and downs do not let us down I've been able to still smaller E is all without it by heart [Music] [Applause] your point mom a were attached the opposite three-point line with 19 the Paul fighting an open heart and more best but you could do when you played play fast pace you don't have to shoot it the first 10 seconds but he ended up to have coordinated kid a great shot like they did that time with 10 seconds left on the clock we quantify a heart Davis right back with a flurry [Applause] [Music] it's the downtown so far judges has to time step ball back to belly mill right away look at this color cheese ball moving it was 19 when they got shot just play with pace pants with these young players of the pelicans a good lunch so can you imagine how often playing at this place but what will make you assume they're going to be effective my disability can jump 44 inches dumped on anyone if one of the fastest runners it illegally that's all you're going on part with the rebound Josh Hart is that an outstanding game gets you to Holloway they swagger off the shot attempt by Kent rich Williams which I saw a little Reggie Miller on that play right there and if you know what I mean that's the kickstand and that right leg seemed to come out come on a foul and it's learning for the grace let's look here [Music] that is number four on C a cup a three-point attempt so three shots here for Kendrick Williams second-year man from TCU TCC they call them Kenny hustle undrafted side as a free agent played in the G League and appeared in 46 games for the pelicans season 29 starts inside [Music] Kelly will sit down quite a shooting performance and his NBA debut 15 minutes youko belly hitting 5 for 5 from the field [Applause] how old yes that's a three for morbid power [Applause] pelicans but the two-point lead holiday gets the screen from goofy Jackson [Applause] Williams going for that rebound deflected it out of Bounce Italy to alibagh here comes Fred vanvleet taped-up back in the locker over give it a shot hears it from the crowd as he checks in and this is again it's so great to be a fan of his basketball players out here and he showed us his hard to last last season and during the regular season and doing their championship run you knew he was going to be back out here at all [Applause] Jackson comes to the front court backfire and bleep Okafor [Applause] [Music] – got the good wallet or restrictions were lost kept alive our holiday for the quality [Music] [Applause] Powell let's build the wall again if you the Pelican sees no their attacks siakam for food – if I would say I can his first three-pointer of the night mark gets inside [Applause] phyto almonds we need to settle down if you talked about don't have that superstar but you do have great teammates that cannot get down this shot right here by the pelicans as long as you here to keep in the flow of golf to Toronto he presented by Auto Trader Kyle Lowry this joyous happy to bring as the Raptors have their fans celebrated earlier tonight and just knowing who Kyle Lowry is and he's already mentioned taking his trophy back to Philadelphia it was a dream of a lifetime to show the kids in a 4.

2 Auto Lee they have reeled off nine unanswered points to stall committing the foul his second he said what would you say to people like myself and he said you have to play every game and all we can do Maxon at the basket counts is interference on the play and I feel that Kyle Lowry statement summarizes the will of this team whether you believe in us or not our child Frank Jackson the caddie guess it was gold here's Lowry on the drive beautiful took a shot to the head I think if it was a ring light he may have had a technical in the first quarter on the other his team he was coming in behind the philosophy of lack of respect [Music] I think the referees have been patient tonight mark knowing that the first game of the season over gestures done by players of the direction of officials and other players so they're not going to accept make sure we keep the integrity of the game the only thing is that again this is the first reality show and the gesture is something you have to have emotion in this game or you can't be the best player that you want to be and I think the reps have done a great job out tonight letting players VIN letting players have their say and now they're like shut up last five minutes is on to control the game this ball foul all the pelicans Seminole run by New Orleans they had hit 15 straight up the line before the two free throws with the refs to get across court and he just lived this yeah I'm like you were supposed to be right there jump 30 feet high [Applause] [Music] [Applause] before raptures looking for travels the balls knocked away knocked out of bounds it'll be Nauticus Paul with 13 on the shot clock you can tell who a coach really trust right now and having harden Jackson in the game not that he doesn't trust the other players it just shows what they've been doing in practice for him to have this confidence and it's 4:30 lesson again final Wallace JJ ready for the best shooters in our game is over there Sam yeah I do he could knock that down it out I don't want one so ball who've been playing very well early on seeing her little time in the second half yeah and a lot of times it's not because of the play of the player per se that's on the bench but maybe eat the play for the combinations that is found on the court right now party Jackson is such a good job as Okafor gyaku to take an extra step inside turnover and a timeout taken by Toronto 409 remaining fourth quarter it's easy [Music] coming up on four minutes to play in the fourth period Toronto opening night in the NBA the pelicans with a runner of a 4th have a six-point lead our Raptors New Orleans in possession the small comes outside harder than I thought it Mike Jackson just checked the screen and leaked so hard to stop and he keeps attacking this young pelicans team when you talk about the youth of the pelicans again just think about how exciting they are going to be as you see Eddie Griffin there on the side tonight 27 assists on thirty eight shots him at the end of desire you want him to get healthy at home that's somehow try to find the rhythm the back to my point earlier I just thought that the narrative on his arm was so unfair that he was always hurt where he saw him injure his self in college with in the summer league I didn't want to play him in the summer league there's no point to plan into something he wasn't hurting to someone and of course now we know that he's happy right knee surgery on this time until you can get to prove yourself on the court [Music] [Applause] before I show it to 240k with create team deploy good job I see Akamai fortunate but the pump fake always work almost got to stay vertical they're open for did which so hard not to go with your instincts just stick your hand over and go in the cookie jar yeah come neutral that took advantage inside both teams are in the penalty 31 point 17 rebounds method 32 at 17 for siakam nice way to start the new season it is he's gonna say don't forget those five assists I'm trying to get people involved just under 3:00 to go here at the fort [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] during the season and he found out that he was allergic to white meat mark I know that's crazy I told you to Scott I'm not gonna be the one to tell us or even though he did the great reporting but you can tell her okra for his body that there's a difference in that he is concentrated and he's concentrated yet in the gym and take care everybody as well [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Wow that would be the worst food and it's 303 one territory so funny shots coming up have to let the offensive player land I gotta check out if it is in fact a three-point attempt Oh another let's check it to see if it's a flavor oh so I think we would call that bizarro maybe Zaza Pachulia specifically on Kawhi Leonard in the corner at Golden State rule you want to get that specific word even though it doesn't look like it can be flavored and I'm not saying that this play is I've seen a lot of dirty not but he is cheap players not that he is they can't guard guard by putting their foot under you and anybody that does that never was a true player of the game but I don't think Oprah did that on purpose – we'll wait and see incidentally Pascal yakking for 34 points 18 rebounds one of only four Raptors who have had 30 points plus and 50-plus rebound Chris Bosh next quarter Hawaiian runner that's pretty good company and again he did it effortlessly which means he didn't wave 15 people off you didn't shoot the ball 10 times in a row and take 8 bad shots he's let the game come to him and he's been energy hitting those second jumps those second possessions extra possessions for his team on the offensive board Tony Brown Josh pivot Eric Taylor over at the scorer's table check out the extent of that foul on what appeared to be a three-point attempt by Lowry right yes no question now they are looking as to whether it was a flavor [Music] they say hopefully gram you can't really judge of God's intentions but at the same time your body just takes you that momentum takes you toward that shooter especially as a big part about them I guess more action of sticking your foot way out up under you know really hard to tell so Kyle Lowry 5 for 6 at the line at the game tied at 110 and he has three free throws last time that Kyle Lowry was in uniform for Toronto was at Oracle Arena in Oakland had that magnificent yes twenty six point game six well the 10 assists seven rebounds and knocked off the state title the two more shots Holly G genuine opening week 2019 Thursday with the Bucks of the Rockets o'clock Eastern thought about the Clippers or the Warriors at Houston Rockets debut of James Harden devil also Westbrook facing the honest and the box I cannot wait you've seen what have you heard with hardness in the offseason which definitely players some players agree with and reigning MVP coming in they're all fans high schools to fight holiday to tie the game could you come on small and wanna see you Kabakov want to take advantage of male inside not you must use the defense and pace to get savant over disabilities budget got out of four with a clutch three-pointer the pelicans take a quarter opening night of the NCAA here TMG come on now we right there okay I have everybody rebound we got to be able to contain the ball we got to do a better job of containing the ball where are we going with it those on defense this season as head coach of the pelicans Alvin Gentry his team is up by three 125 where we're going to win it is on defense pelicans make sure you listen to that more on your speech Elly kicks it out yes Loretta could wanna get that shot off the foot tough jump shot yeah bodies hanging all over him they were so close they just didn't follow him but young kids it was the footwork and his concentration and knock down the shot [Applause] [Applause] these teams may not have a star but these teams have veterans and look with the veteran JJ Redick guards you can agree with the call or not but he puts his self in a position to have the ref make a tough call JJ Redick if he can knock down the shot that he can get it done on the other end as well and this is one of those situations where perhaps yes Nick nurse might think maybe I should have held the challenge yes yes and this is fun watching the evolution of this rule and how coach is handling marvelous but I agree with you unless it's a foul maybe an extra file and excessive foul on your star players you may be smart to say that's in a wait a minute so the icon fouls out it has been a batter night for Pascal see back in 34 points eight rebounds five assists [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] salad diva Toronto but they were helped out by the pelicans whose listen wide open middle at the top but it does not matter that this may be the smallest backcourt in the game with Lowry and bam bleep they may also be one of the toughest Lowry 7 of 9 from the line his fourth and it's a one-point game Raptors have one timeout left pelicans have two both teams in the bonus well you always want to keep things simple with the younger team and so I wouldn't go to the one here I would take the best shot available according to the philosophy of coach Gentry 9 Toronto you just want to make sure you get a stop and if I am the pelicans I am looking at the mismatch going to the pick-and-roll at the saw trying to get mail and open shot Pascal the active has fouled out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so the Raptors have a chance to pull it out here at the final second the pelicans got the play they wanted but not a shot they missed it so if you look here they want to get the consultant to the picker more watch them go right away Gasol does a great job of coming out hedging that means he does not let his man get a wide-open look now that they cannot go to the original play they're looking trying to figure something out not enough covers and the spacing is it right at the end they got the mismatch they wanted they did not get the play they want to execute at the end it's the final timeout for the Raptors elegance do have a timeout left what are you looking for from Nick knows what I'm looking for from Nick nurses now that you don't have see Aquaman bleeding then your best penetrator all night but Van Vleet either in a clear-out role it's called a14 where you put them feet at the top and all other four players on the baseline to give him space if he has tile and others on the floor that means he could be a great decoy either attacked foot score or attack to draw the defense kicked out to one of the shooters [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's been attacking the bat could you have shooters around you do not want a 50-footer the last second unless his name becomes 5 117 Toronto without Pascal see I can be fouled out after scoring 34 holding down 18 rebounds behind the pelicans Brandon a trip with 22-fret back pleat has put up pretty rewarding for the Raptors that's why I thought that bleep would take the last shot but don't understand that but I bet you that Van Vleet will take it upon herself next time to try to get that ball in and now it's very important if your consol the saw can you stay in guarding the perimeter shooter will Toronto use you in the post to score and to facilitate the Lakers of the Clippers from Los Angeles coming up on TNT after this game is over but it is starting out on NBA TV with Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller his towel to the rim that's what you want to get that amuses have led a fertility get inside locked Oh ball back on the fourth hot plate of some time ready fire so impressive its footwork yes is shot we know about this shot for this three-point attempt but now with four threes 16 points at all beside an excellent game gets into the lane ricotta pie Gasol Gentry changed his lineup again you have ball in with all four starters and mail shows you coach Jimmy he's getting his rhythm is the closest to your two shot partially deflected a possible deflection actually was deflected off the front rim rebounded by Powell the coaches at there in the first game as well so they're taking time to find the new chemistry to find new units that played together guys are showing different phases of their games tonight so an adjustment for everybody the first couple of weeks the sole for free this all is just 1 of 8 from the field pelicans by water and in possession as we talked three minutes to play him his five headed over time Kelly is fouled by Gasol there are favors we'll check it those are looking for the Lakers the Clippers you can to to md80 the start of the game while we try to take it away but a foul is called all the lectures it's on lalalina perform so lots of ball will put it in play like tightly by Powell [Music] eager we want that back so you can shoot it favors is actually trying to get position to get the rebuttal this all up top how old how you get your rhythm and know you're allowed to shoot three-pointers on this team which is the lefty use your size your strength inside such a great pass which always makes you dual threat finish it inside strong Gasol to foul off Derrick Favors [Applause] play from Marc Gasol who has had a quiet hide on the offensive to play off the dribble into the lair tied at 122 he got bailed out ahead he had no shot at a shot wondering what comes in to be jumped up from over there foul ball is almost saying that he was fouled on the shot I'm wondering how does that happen but Kyle Lowry being aggressively Mauri mention dude and last time he played and go to state 26 points and he's been a player of the jollies to talk about where is he shown up in the playoffs in last year he's shown that you know he's gonna be steady on the defensive end and now I think he has even more confidence in his offensive game Kyle coming back from a series of injuries back from surgery repairing a torn he'll showed up for training camp for the u.


Raptors up by 2 [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sigh we gotta buy powell what up tough didn't know that time he should trust favors again in pasadena kind of got stuck and hesitated in the air little junk shop Wow [Music] [Applause] you [Music] [Music] welcome back to Toronto where the Raptors are up now check this out he was assaulted such a good shooter he puts holiday in a tough position how they didn't know whether to stun him or to get back at VanFleet and it's all because the sock is space the floor up there no matter what his shooting percentage is tonight and such a good passer he makes the right decision hits the bland beat he knocks it down better 27 remaining it over time come against us now with one timeout remaining and you have a foul to give Toronto also has a foul to give and they have their two timeouts left and if you're the pelicans do you want the best shot available first you don't want to force it three or force it to the rim you want to play within your office and get the best look that you can right away before it's off for four points here about the stretch of overtime [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] up to that point Bali will head to the line that's what you understand about Lowry not only is going to be consistent in effort but consistent in being aggressive check that foul to give so now they'll be on the bonus five on the shot clock [Applause] with 14 points three to go and at eight-point lead for the Raptors so I saw picks up number five the Raptor is the start of their 25th season they open up as the champions celebrated championship backer and win by his huddle a supply [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Kristen Ledlow so long well the Scotiabank Arita it it like this that's a way as we said it kept it Harlem [Applause].