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IPTV stands for internet protocol television. This is a way of delivering television over networks. It is the new technology that is replacing cable televisions, terrestrial and satellite formats. One difference between this new mode of video streaming and the existing modes is that this new mode of video streaming enables you to determine what to watch and when to watch it. You are able to watch past programs and even the ongoing program. IPTV technology is being adopted all over the world and most so the number of sellers has gone high. You can participate in the selling of the IPTV services through becoming a reseller. Should you be a reseller or purchase services from the resellers and sell them? How do you become an IPTV reseller? In this article, I will explain all you need to know about IPTV reseller.

IPTV resellers get the permission from an IPTV provider so that they sell the subscriptions to customers. The resellers subscribe to IPTV services from the providers and in turn, allow other customers to use this subscription at a profit. IPTV providers are legal entities that stand on their own and are viable for their dealings with customers.

Become a successful IPTV reseller

IPTV reseller service provision operates more as a service business. To be successful one has to market, offer quality services, satisfy the customers and brand their services. If you want to become an IPTV provider you will mostly rely on the provider to dictate the quality of your services. Therefore you need to make a good choice about the source of your IPTV services.

Buy IPTV from a reseller of provider?

While the two choices are possible, you may need to think about several other factors. However, the truth is that there is no much difference between a reseller and a provider. Most providers sell directly to resellers and resellers, in turn, sell to other resellers who have a direct touch with customers. You need to look at pricing, quality and reliability of the IPTV reseller whom you purchase from or the provider who sells the IPTV subscription for you to resell. A reseller can be offering good quality, price-effective packages when compared to the provider. Therefore, when making this decision think of customer satisfactory, pricing and their limitations. There are free trials that you can use to understand what kind of reseller they are. Though it is true that the providers are much near to the service, they can control the maintenance issues, they may not be the best when it comes to competitive pricing. The number of providers is less compared to resellers and so the price competition is stiff within the reseller level.

Benefits of IPTV reseller

 Low investment

Becoming an IPTV reseller is more of a freelance service which does not make much money from your pocket. You do not need to have a visible premise and so some cost is cut. An IPTV reseller requires less time when handling the site and so this translates to less money, time is money.


An IPTV reseller earns money back as profit. Most people today are finding other forms of television services expensive and so they are doing away with cable services and such. If some efforts are made to inform people about the existence of the service, you may end up with customers. Today most people are adopting this new telecommunication technology and so you can rest assured that customers will flow with time.

Easy to start

To start IPTV reseller services you need few resources such as IPTV subscription from provider or reseller, good internet connection, and marketing strategies as well as few legal documents. The process takes a short time and most of the start-up procedure is done online. You do not need to be a tech guru so as to make it in this field. You only need to understand how this works and understand the basics of the IPTV reseller services from existing online materials and blogs.

Tips to become a successful IPTV reseller

No doubt you want your IPTV reseller services to be embraced by everybody. To be successful in IPTV reseller service provision, you need to ensure quality services, good mechanism of attracting customers and even work on maintaining the customers. The following practical tips can help you on your journey.

Ensure qualities services

A reseller buys from a provider or a reseller. Therefore before making a subscription for your resell, make use of the free trials that the reseller or the IPTV service provider offers. Ensure you test everything so as to make the right decision on whether to use their services for resell purposes. Remember their failures mean your failure.

Price effectively

It is true that most resellers take this fir business purposes and that they are determined to achieve profits. However, making big profit margins for yourself will chase away both existing and potentials clients. To attract many clients price your packages effectively and make the price both competitive and affordable.

Offer guidance and support services to customers

The experience and knowledge level of your customers is varied. Therefore you need to be there and help your customers when they need your services and when they encounter any streaming challenges. Some internet providers may throttle the internet service that they have provided and limit the customers’ streaming. Customers may not understand that and they may even blame your business for poor services while it is not your fault. Therefore whenever customers face problems ensure you help them troubleshoot so as to continue streaming and enjoying your IPTV reseller services.

Brand your IPTV reseller business

Branding still counts as one way of marketing. When customers ee your braided logos, images and website, they may end up purchasing from you. You need to set your business apart from others and look unique. When doing the branding ensure you take the demographics into account. This will help customers fee that the service is meant for them.

The technology chariot is on the move, and so is the field of telecommunication. Soon most people in the world will learn about this new IPTV technology and we may observe an influx. Make a point and get started now so as to attract many clients when this happens. You can make it as an IPTV reseller, yes, you can.